Epic 4chan Pokemon artwork: Part one

Posted on Sep 29 2013 - 9:29pm by Chris Gampat

houndoom Epic 4chan Pokemon artwork: Part one

Pokémon X and Y are soon upon us — the Game Freak-developed game hits retails outlets on October 12th — bringing “gotta catch’em all” fun to the Nintendo 3DS. It’s the latest entry in the virtually unstoppable multimedia property that has graced cartoons, movies, trading cards, comics, and a myriad other entertainment types. The franchise has found success in everything that it’s touched since its mid-’90s debut — video games in particular.

Nintendo’s Pokémon video game franchise is a driving force that’s snared multiple generations in its Pocket Monster-catching grasp from the original GameBoy to N64 to Wii. Only Call of Duty, Madden NFL, and  Nintendo’s own Mario franchise has that level of mainstream swagger.

Fan art is the natural extension of that. When a person loves a property, and the person has some artistic skill, drawing, paintings, GIFs, and other pieces of expression are born. While browsing 4chan‘s /b/ board  (LINK NSFW), former 2D-X editor Chris Gampat came across an incredible thread featuring awesome Pokémon artwork. Not just here, but here, too. If there were an actual Pokémon game using this artwork, we’d probably buy it in a heartbeat.

Props to the artists, whoever you are. Unfortunately, no one gave us the “sauce.”

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