A warning about Dragon’s Crown’s online multiplayer

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 8:57pm by Tim Torres

Dragons Crown Screenshots 28 A warning about Dragons Crowns online multiplayer

Dragon’s Crown came out today! I’m sure you’re ripping and roaring and ready to play, but read this warning about online multiplayer!

Yesterday, I was online the PS3 version with Japanese players. The thing about online is that after each level you can choose to “Continue Adventure” or “Return Home.” “Continue Adventure” brings you to the next level. “Return Home”, as you can guess, brings you back to the hub town where you can repair equipment, buy new skills and, most importantly, save your game.

So, here’s what happened: After playing through, I don’t know, five or six levels, my game locked up on a black screen. I figured it was just loading the next screen. But my cursor, the colored hand you use to click on treasure chests and whatnot, was visible. I was able to move it around, but if I let the right analog stick go the cursor would just float up to the top of the screen. Clear sign of something wrong. I also heard sound effects in the background as if my Amazon was attacking, but I wasn’t hitting the attack button. Another clear sign. And the screen was black. And not going away. A damn clear sign. As I stared into the abyss, the abyss stared back and a voice said “All that awesome loot, and that experience, and those skill points? Gone, baby. Gone.”

I was pretty mad.

A quick search on Google reveals two threads dedicated to the issue, both on GameFAQs, but I’ve yet to see anything else about it, and I’ve yet to hear Atlus mention anything. This freezing issue isn’t a deal changer. Dragon’s Crown still excels in many areas, but for a game designed around playing with others for long stretches of time — that’s what the cooking mini-game and extra bags of equipment are for between levels, after all — a freezing issue that can throw away hours of playtime and effort is a huge freaking deal. One that hopefully Atlus addresses. I don’t know how they’d fix it. Patching in an auto-save between levels could do the trick.

Luckily, this only happened to me once after dozens of hours of play. However, it has happened to others and it could also happen to you, so… tread carefully. Return home after a few dungeon crawls and save often.

We contacted Atlus about the issue as well. We will update this space with a response as soon as possible.

Feel free to ask Atlus about it on Twitter: @AtlusUSA

And follow me @pleasedtomeetya for any updates.

Note: This happened to me on the PS3 version. As of now, we are unsure if this problem exists on the Vita version.

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  1. Fernando October 20, 2013 at 9:21 PM - Reply

    Hasn’t happened to me on Vita… not yet at least
    But online always disconnects itself when I try to establish connection with a random room
    This began happening after the second patch came out (as of october 1st to date)

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