The 2D-X Mission Statement began life in 2009 as an ode to the 2D style of gameplay, with a sharp focus on platforming, action, shmups, and other video game genres from yesterday that are still viable and engaging. There was a marked anti-FPS and general disdain for space marines who only shoot, shoot, and shoot again. And possibly grenade.

That changed with expansion. New voices brought new ideas. But expansion didn’t mean destruction of the core idea of delivering insightful and engaging content — or our love of 2D video games. Our tag line states that we’re the best damned video game site. Period. That is not just an edgy witticism. We deliver compelling video game content that you won’t find at competing publications. As such, you won’t find news or regurgitated press releases. There are a million and two gaming sites covering that “beat.” Still, has become a trusted and respected news source that has had articles featured on EngadgetOperation Sports, and PlayStation Lifestyle.

Instead, you’ll find in-depth reviews, hands-on previews, developer interviews, features, and instructional How To pieces designed to help you improve your game. We focus not only on video games, but the culture of video games. You have a killer gaming collection? Drop us some pix and we’ll showcase them to the rest of the nerd world. Have a killer chiptunes set? Let’s discuss the creative process. We’re No non-sense, hardcore video game coverage. is a wholly owned property of Second Dimension Entertainment, LLC.


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REVIEW SAMPLE INFO FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS AND OUR READERSHIP receives many requests to cover video games and video game-related product. Please note that although we will honor embargoes, outside elements will not dictate our coverage. The editorial staff will not review products in controlled environments, automatically review non-requested items, or withhold in-game information regarding level design, features, characters, story, or other non-date embargo-related facts. Our devotion to our readership comes first. eschews the traditional number-based review system to provide deeper insight and to encourage readers to rely on more than a simple numerical score when making purchasing decisions. We designate truly outstanding products with our 2D-X Excellence Award.

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