Job Opportunities

Wanted: video game nerds with a knack for dissecting the industry in either written or video form. Dissection in a most awesome manner.

2D-X is in the hunt for editors in any area of the English-speaking world to expand our video game coverage. We prefer individuals located in or near large metropolitan areas (as those are the locations for video game publishers’ media tours), but if you have a sharp pen, or video hosting chops, you will not be automatically dismissed.

Stipends and other swag serve as compensation. They are distributed based on your ability to craft well-written copy, pitch nerdtacular ideas, and be an all-around swell girl or guy. It isn’t enough to quit your day job, but will serve as a small thank you for your efforts.

If you’re interesting in joining, please send an e-mail to jobs(@)

This position isn’t officially part of the core staff. Contributors pitch in now and then and are compensated strictly with swag.

This position requires you to fetch coffee and dance on demand. Oh yeah, you’ll be asked to fill in with content as needed.

Regardless of the position filled, we expect several basics from new hires:

  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • A strong grasp of the English language and the associated grammar
  • Personality. You don’t have to be Joel Stein, but you should have a voice of your own.
  • Ability to take constructive criticism
  • Communicate well in a team setting

Potential hires are subject to a 30-day evaluative period that helps the editors determine if the new pens will come aboard.

If you’re interesting in joining, please send an e-mail to jobs(@)