CES 2010: Hands-On With Dark Void Zero

Posted on Jan 14 2010 - 12:50am by Jeffrey L. Wilson

darkvoidzero CES 2010: Hands On With Dark Void Zero

Grandma had a saying that pretty much stuck with me throughout life: If you’re man enough to run your mouth, then you should be man enough to own up to your flubs.  A wise woman she was. After getting hands-on with Dark Void Zero, the 2D de-make of the upcoming rocketpack-powered Capcom action title, I have to retract my initial negativity toward its very existence.


darkvoidzero2 CES 2010: Hands On With Dark Void Zero

I was immediately drawn in  by the retro method needed to start the game: I had to blow into the Nintendo DSi’s microphone when a faux cartridge appeared on screen. Once started, I took control of Rusty, a young jetpacker that is assisted by Tesla in a quest to rid the world of alien intruders.

Dark Void Zero makes due with a simple two-button control (shoot, jump) that’s should ring familiar to anyone who grew up with 8-bit gaming. The controls were good. I had no problems shooting, jumping, and rocketing, even when the action became intense. The graphics are wonderfully retro with a surprising amount of detail; the only thing missing to complete the experience is sprite flicker.

The biggest compliment that I can give Dark Void Zero is that it feels very much like an NES-era title. Job well done, Capcom. Job well done.

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