CES 2013: Turtle Beach’s 2013 gaming headset lineup

Posted on Jan 13 2013 - 2:47am by Tatjana Vejnovic

turtle beach logo CES 2013: Turtle Beachs 2013 gaming headset lineup

LAS VEGAS – Turtle Beach unveiled a slew of new gaming headsets, and related accessories, designed to deliver audio bliss to gamers of all types. The gaming headsets — representing both refreshed and new model lines — are quite impressive.

px51A CES 2013: Turtle Beachs 2013 gaming headset lineup

My favorite is the PX51s ($269.99)/XP510s ($289.99). The difference these two wireless headsets is that the PX51s is designed for PS3 gamers, while the XP510s is designed for the Xbox 360 crowd (and comes with the Bluetooth dongle that plugs into the bottom of the 360 controller for wireless chat) .

I sampled the PX51s by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′s zombie mode. The headset fit very comfortably and sounded great.It kept the audio close to my ears and prevented outside sound from seeping in. My biggest fear was wireless interference, which I unfortunately experienced with the PX5s. I can safely say that wireless interference isn’t an issue. This demo was done on the LVCC show floor with hotspots, laptops, and thousands of mobile devices constantly running — no wireless interference found.

XP7A CES 2013: Turtle Beachs 2013 gaming headset lineup

The Earforce Seven series is also impressive. These are MLG/tournament grade, so they are wired. But don’t let that upset you! The XP7 headset comes packed with capacitive touch Audio Control Unit that lets gamers change the sound mix of the voices and game audio. The XP7s are easy to convert to traditional headphones; the chat cable pops out and can be plugged directly into your Mp3 device or cell phone.

“When you hear the others chatting, you hear it up here,” said Maura White of Turtle Beach, as he pointed above her forehead. “With the XP7 Audio Control Unit, you can change that to behind you, or even on your shoulders.”

Players, by using Turtle Beach’s Advanced Sound Editor (ASE), can mix eight game presets and eight chat audio presets for a total of sixty-four different combinations. These presets can also be used to enhance your television or movie watching experience. Not to worry, either, as the ASE comes bundled with your Seven series headset.

The Seven series will be available Q1 2013, and priced at $279.95.

XAA1C CES 2013: Turtle Beachs 2013 gaming headset lineup

Turtle Beach also had many mobile headsets and basic PC headsets to offer as well. The PX21s were upgraded to the PX22s (MSRP $79.95, available Q2 2013), and the XL1s and P11s have been painted a nice pearl white for a very clean look. Turtle Beach is also coming out with their own name-brand XBox 360 audio adapter for consoles that use HDMI cables.

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