Geek Culture: Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1 has a rushed story, excellent art

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 8:00am by Eric Guzman

20287 Geek Culture: Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1 has a rushed story, excellent art

Dark Horse has teamed up with Dragon Age writer David Gaider, in conjunction with Alexander Freed, to create a six-part Dragon Age comic that follows King Alistair and his two unscrupulous companions, Varric the dwarf, and the seductive (but rugged) pirate Isabela. The three travel to Antiva to discover the truth about dragons in Thedas. Dragon Age is only available via digital download from the Dark Horse Comics website, or from the Dark Horse Comics app which is available in both the iOS App Store and Android Market.

The first issue does a good job of establishing, and staying true to, the characters: Isabela is sultry yet  intimidating, while Varric provides the much needed comic relief during questionable times. Alistair, however, sees a different characterization–gone are the witty one liners fans of the game might be used to.

The story begins with a massive demonstration of violence and without giving much away, the trio proves quite capable of handling challenges that await. Early on, Varric shows his worth to the group and proves to Alistair that having him around is indeed favorable. The writing is strong, but unlike the recent Prototype 2 comic, 12 pages doesn’t do this comic justice as Dragon Age is a story-driven game. The comic feels a bit rushed, and too much is presented at once making it a bit difficult to follow. It does, however, end on a very interesting cliffhanger.

Chad Hardin does an amazing job in keeping the characters’ authenticity; the transition from game to comic is perfect. Varric has his signature Bianca and it appears exactly as it does in the game. Hardin presents dark environments but the characters are vibrant and pop off the digital pages with immense detail. If you’re interested in Dragon Age and want to consume more of the game’s lore, this should do the trick nicely.

It’s too early to dismiss this comic, and there are  a abundance of things that it does right, a good script that stays true to each character, amazing art, and a good amount of action. It’s all enough to warrant a purchase at a buck a pop.

  • Author: David Gaider
  • Script: Alexander Freed
  • Art: Chad Hardin
  • Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
  • Lettering: Michael Heisler
  • Cover Art: Anthony Palumbo



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