Geek Glasses: Three Funky Shades of Nerd

Posted on Aug 24 2013 - 8:30pm by Lyn Muldrow

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A quintessential rite of passage for budding geeks and nerds alike, geek glasses serve as not only a bastion of mental prowess, but an embarrassing reminder that you may never reach the upper echelons of high school society. Typically, black, awkwardly placed, square-rimmed spectacles served as a sign that the person so unlucky to wear them would not once be laid.

The new hipster generation, with its flashy neon skinny pants, obnoxiously large headphones,  and non-conformist, totally unique (read: thrift store) band shirts, decided to bring nerd back in style. Luckily for you, fellow nerd trailblazer,  you can spot the pretending geeks a mile away. To reconfirm your position as the originator, here’s three nerd-worthy pair of spectacles that even the most sarcastic hipster can’t help but admire.

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The 8-Bit
What better way to boast about your inner nerdom than with a pair of pixel peepers? I’ll bet the hipsters will balk at the sheer squareness of these super specs.These glasses scream Minecraft-chic with just a touch of NES.
Ebay, $10.97

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The Lennon
Since all the cool kids are wearing square glasses, why not go all hippy Beatle-y and don the round glasses? If they were cool for your folks, they’re definitely cool for you, right? Assert your anti-trendiness, you nonconformist you!
House of Sunglasses, $9.99

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The Wayfarer
If you’re a nerd who likes a dash of cool with your bowtie (because, well bowties are cool), then the wayfarer glasses are for you! Just enough hip to take the dork away, but easily modifiable with a piece of duct tape in the middle to go old-fashioned nerd when the outfit calls for a vintage look.
Asos, $6.95

So whether you’re going geek chic or nerdy by nature, these glasses are sure to signify to your kind that you’ve always been in the out crowd, and you won’t compromise function for fashion! The next time a hipster tries to tell you your fashion is out of style, let them know how much of a trendsetter you’ll be in the year 2030, when nerd gear comes back around.

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