How To: Quickly unlock The Amazing Spider-Man’s alternate costumes

Posted on Jul 12 2012 - 12:05am by Avion Foster-Jarvis

00191 How To: Quickly unlock The Amazing Spider Mans alternate costumes

[How To is a recurring feature in which we demonstrate techniques designed to improve your game, and make your skill set more than a little bit awesome. This time out, we’ll help you unlock The Amazing Spider-Man’s alternate costumes.]

Beenox was kind enough to allow players to discover a plethora of alternative Spider-Man costumes by finding the hidden Spider-Man logos scattered throughout Manhattan. Although this How To offers a way to quickly unlock several costumes, there may be more suits than what’s listed below due to the fact that there’s extra space in the virtual closet where you store said get-ups. We’ll update this list as we gather more information.

To find the suits normally, you would have to wait for the specified (yet unknown) dates to pass in order for the logos to unlock on their own. Consider this a shortcut! Let’s get it started.

1. Disconnect your PS3 or Xbox 360 from the Internet.

2. Change your clock to August. I used August 15th. (Fun Fact: Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 which was released in August 1962,)

3. Start up the game while still disconnected from the Internet. When you spawn in the apartment you should receive a message stating “Happy Birthday, Spider-Man.” Get it?

4. Search around Manhattan for locations of the suits corresponding logos listed below.

5. When you find the suits you want, SAVE YOUR GAME! You can then re-connect to the Internet and set the time back correctly should you choose to do so.

Note: In order to unlock the suits by finding the Spider-Man logos you will need to ability to use the camera

Vigilante Suit: Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s DLC code (PS3 exclusive?).

Classic Suit: Unlocks with Rhino Challenge DLC code.

Cross-Species Suit: Beat the game on any difficulty.

2012 Symbiote Suit: Complete 100% of the game.

2012 Scarlet Spider: There’s a road designated for cars in Central Park. You’ll know you’re on the correct road when you see a small bridge/overpass. You can find the logo on one of the overpass’ walls.

Big Time Suit: Go to Times Square and locate the red bleachers (they’re really obvious). Directly behind the bleachers, and technically holding them up, there is a pane of glass. You’ll find the logo imprinted there.

Future Foundation Suit: This one is a little tricky. Go to the northern bridge. Look for a gas station. You’ll find the logo on a wall in the small alley behind the gas station.

Classic Symbiote Spider-Man Suit: Near the Oscorp building is a small park that holds a few gazebos. If you look at one of the gazebo’s ceilings, you will see the imprint within it.

Negative Zone Suit: You can easily find this logo on top of the Beenox building. Hint: The Beenox building says Beenox on it.

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