How To: Redeem a PS3 game code

Posted on Apr 25 2013 - 9:00am by Jeffrey L. Wilson

PS3 How To: Redeem a PS3 game code

PlayStation 3 — along with the Xbox 360 — pushed home video game consoles into the digital download era. As a result, you can download titles like Journey, Flower, and the upcoming FarCry 3: Blood Dragon without putting on your pants and taking a stroll to the local game store. I’ll leave it to you to debate the merits of that.

Let’s suppose you win a digital copy of Super Hedgehog Cousins Adventure 3 on Developer X’s official forums. You’re e-mailed a 12-character redemption code — but where to put it? The PS3 XcrossMediaBar is pretty sweet, but may have trouble tracking down the code redemption area.

You won’t have that problem after reading this.

Find out how to redeem a PS3 game code.

1. Log into your PSN account.

2. From the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB (XcrossMediaBar), visit the PlayStation Store.

3. Select the Redeem Codes icon from the Store Top and enter your promotional code.

4. Boom! Your download begins.

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