How To: Upgrade Your PS3′s Hard Drive

Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 5:50pm by Avion Foster-Jarvis

wdfScorpioBlue EIDE How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive[How To is a recurring feature in which we demonstrate techniques designed to improve your game, and make your skill set more than a little bit awesome. This time out, we’ll help you upgrade your PS3 hard drive.]

Hard drive space is valuable in the digital download age; even the 320GB HDD that’s available in the highest-priced PS3 can rapidly fill as you purchase games, add-ons, and video. But there’s good news! Your PS3 isn’t bound to its out-of-box capacity. We’ll show you how to increase storage by upgrading a PS3′s 60GB HDD to Western Digital Scorpion Blue How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive — a massive 1TB drive which you can purchase from Western Digital for $85. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Playstation 3
  • A 4-inch, Number 1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • A 2.5-inch internal hard drive
  • A PS3 Hard Drive Caddy Cage (optional)
  • Time

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Turn the PS3 on. Back-up your saved data in XMB’s system settings options (Settings>System Settings>Backup Utility).

2. After the backup process is complete, shut down your PS3 and remove all cables.

3. Locate the HDD latch on the bottom of your PS3 and carefully remove it. Note: If your PS3 is laying vertically the latch will be on the bottom of the Playstation, if it is laying horizontally the latch will be found on the left side of the Playstation.

photo 1 300x224 How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive

HDD latch located on bottom of PS3

4. Remove the blue top screw with a Phillips head screwdriver. Note: Be extremely careful when removing this screw as it is prone to being easily stripped.

photo 2 300x224 How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive

Blue top screw and HDD inside of PS3

5. Flip up the latch (next to blue screw in picture 2) of the hard drive cage and slide it to the right. Pull it out of the PS3.

6. Locate the four silver screws on the side of the hard drive cage (there are two on each side) and using a 4-inch long, number 1 Phillips head screwdriver. Carefully remove these screws as they are also prone to being stripped. Note: This step is optional if the new hard drive is already in a PS3 hard drive cage.

photo 4 300x224 How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive

Carefully remove these silver screws

7. Place the new hard drive into the cage correctly and replace the silver screws you originally removed in step 6 (if you did step 6).

photo 21 300x224 How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive

New hard drive in cage

8. Put the new hard drive back into the bottom of the Playstation 3 and once again, carefully, screw back in the blue top screw. Now place the HDD latch back on the ps3 and reconnect the system.

photo 31 300x224 How To: Upgrade Your PS3s Hard Drive

Inserting new HDD into the PS3

9. The Playstation will state the hard drive needs to be formatted. Select “Yes” and continue.

10. When the format is complete restore the data back onto the Playstation. Settings> System Settings> Backup Utility> Restore. Note: You be missing some game saved data due to the fact that some games are copy protected (such as DJ Hero 2).

That’s it! Now download to your heart’s content.

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  1. Dominoh March 12, 2013 at 4:19 PM - Reply

    Hey, this is just what I was looking for, thanks! One question though, what format does the PS3 originally use for its HDD? I want to use GameBackupSystem to put my games on the HDD and then run them from there, I know it is possible to do it externally somehow, but how about putting the HDD inside?

    • Jeffrey L. Wilson March 12, 2013 at 5:10 PM - Reply

      From the author: “For games, the file is an encrypted Sony proprietary. No other OS can use it. If he uses the PS3 backup option he should be able to transfer the files back onto the internal once he installs it. To be completely safe though, he should back up as many games to the cloud as possible (if he has PS+). I’m unsure if you can use GameBackupSystem to send files back to the ps3 because most are copy protected and are encrypted so it would be best to use the PS3′s backup option instead of a third party.”

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