Dragon Ball Z Kinect (Xbox 360) Review – An exercise game in DBZ clothing

Posted on Oct 22 2012 - 7:00am by Eric Guzman

Dragon Ball Z Kinect 1 Dragon Ball Z Kinect (Xbox 360) Review   An exercise game in DBZ clothing

Namco Bandai brings anime fans a unique Dragon Ball Z experience with Dragon Ball Z Kinect, a game that uses the Xbox 360‘s motion peripheral to let gamers relive the series’ biggest bouts. Dragon Ball Z Kinect isn’t a deep or genre-evolving fighter, but it’s a surprisingly effective exercise game. This may sound groan-inducing on the surface, but upon taking gameplay notes while drenched in sweat I realized that Dragon Ball Z Kinect is a brilliant way to get children and teens off their duffs–an essential in an increasingly overweight America. Plus, it allows Super Saiyan kid to live his dream.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect follows a simplistic formula. In first-person mode, you punch, kick, charge up your ki (so that you can execute a Kamehameha Wave or the Spirit Bomb), put your hands up to block, or flail your arms to perform the series’ infamous flurries. Sometimes you’re tasked with performing complex moves that the Kinect sensor will often miss, such as performing special quick time events. At the end of each battle you’ll find yourself covered in sweat from all the action.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect has story and score attack modes, but its repetitive nature dulls the experience. On the plus side, the game features over 50 characters, and beautiful cel-shaded graphics that capture the anime’s look.

If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan, consider this $39.99 title is a cool way to inject cardio into your daily routine. Non-fans should wait until it hits the bargain bin.

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