Mousevomit’s NES Mouse Makes PC Accessories Sexy

Posted on May 11 2009 - 5:17pm by Jeffrey L. Wilson

nesmouse Mousevomits NES Mouse Makes PC Accessories SexyMice are inherently boring, utilitarian items. They’re used simply to move a cursor around a screen, scroll up and down within a webpage or document, and left and right click – - nothing particularly sexy. There are exceptions to every rule, as they say, because someone has created a mouse so packed with awesome that I would gladly fork over my pittance of a savings account to own it – - if it were an actual, functional product.

Mousevomit’s Nintendo Entertainment System Mouse is a foam mock up that only exists because the creator need to whip something up for a school project, but we dare you to disagree that this may be the greatest mouse design to come along since….ever. The color scheme, curves, and buttons all harken back to the late ’80s and early ’90s when the little grey box that could ruled over videogamdom with benevolence and pride.

Mad Catz, get Nintendo’s approval, and Mousevomit into your design house, pronto.

[Hat Tip: Pixelated Geek]

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