CES 2011: Oliver Stone and Michael Mann are Kinect gamers

Posted on Jan 15 2011 - 4:25pm by Jeffrey L. Wilson
0 CES 2011: Oliver Stone and Michael Mann are Kinect gamers


Venturing to Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show guarantees that you’ll see something that will leave a deep impression. Typically, this entails a piece of forward-thinking technology that excites, or a celebrity endorsing a product of dubious quality. CES 2011 was no different, but this time around what caught our eyes weren’t the numerous tablets on display or MTV darlings, but two of America’s finest visual storytellers: Oliver Stone and Michael Mann.

OliverStoneandMichaelMann2 CES 2011: Oliver Stone and Michael Mann are Kinect gamers

Oliver Stone and Michael Mann testing Kinect’s body tracking prowess..

Team 2D-X happened upon the directors as they engaged in a friendly game of Kinect Sports, in particular Bowling and Table Tennis, inside of an enclosed, but transparent, Microsoft play area. The buzz about the pair’s appearance grew to such a frenzy that members of Team Obama who were playing games in the adjacent play area stopped, smiled, and stared.

It was difficult to ascertain from our vantage point if Stone and Mann were playing well, but it certainly looked the case. It should come as no surprise; after all, Kinect gaming is all about removing the button-laden controller from the equation for what would be, theoretically, a far more natural and accessible interaction. Granted, in the video above they were still testing the waters. In the short clip below, however, the moviemakers appeared to get into the groove.

0 CES 2011: Oliver Stone and Michael Mann are Kinect gamers

In addition, Stone displayed a knack for knocking down pins in Kinect Sports Bowling. More importantly, he appeared to be impressed with the controller-less video game technology and seemed to genuinely have fun.

oliverstonebowling CES 2011: Oliver Stone and Michael Mann are Kinect gamers

Mr. Stone has the touch.

Witnessing Oliver Stone and Michael Mann partake in our beloved hobby (on the world’s largest tech stage, no less) really brought home the fact that video gaming has grown tremendously in the last three decades. Gaming is no longer the pastime for basement-dwellers; it’s for you, me, mom, dad, and two of Hollywood’s best.

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  1. sanjuro January 18, 2011 at 7:08 AM - Reply

    Yeah, except games sucked less when they were “for basement-dwellers”.

  2. Jeffrey L. Wilson January 18, 2011 at 10:05 AM - Reply

    I would kindly disagree, sir. I think there was more variety now than any other time in gaming history. Plus, 2010 had a boatload of great games–I cant recall a time where there was something very good to great coming at such a regular clip.

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