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Best Damn Video Game Podcast #25 – PAX East 2014 review + E3 preview

on Sun, Apr 20, 2014 | By Tim Torres

The podcast is back! PAX East fired us up and recharged our love for the game, particularly, the indie game! We talk our favorites of the show — including Super Comboman and Kero Blaster — our disappointments (especially in the attitudes of the thought leaders of the industry), the potential return of rhythm games and the games that are great for just being fun,...

PAX East 2014: Studio Pixel’s Kero Blaster had me at kero

kero blaster
on Sat, Apr 19, 2014 | By Tim Torres

AAA did not put in a great showing this year at PAX East. Ubisoft neglected to make Watch Dogs playable a month before its release. Child of Light did little for me. The Crew felt like a last-gen racer. The Evil Within, though it dominated Bethesda’s booth, was just a movie trailer. Nintendo and Sony didn’t bother showing up, likely saving the effort for E3. So,...

PAX East 2014 Panel: Fragging Gamer Stereotypes presented by 2D-X

on Sat, Apr 19, 2014 | By Johnathan Gibbs

Special thanks to our friends over at Dual Shockers for recording! Video games are a hobby that we both enjoy and love, but some of the perceptions associated with it (both from within our community and without) can prove most vexing. Be it the platforms on which we play or gender issues, there always seems to be a hot-button topic. Let’s talk and hug it out to foster a...

PAX East 2014: The Diversity Lounge. Was it Necessary?

pax east diversity lounge
on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 | By Johnathan Gibbs

Earlier this year when PAX announced that they would be providing a safe space for “other” exhibitors and their works, I initially said “Good for them! This is really a step in the right direction!” Then I started reading comments around the Internet and realized that this “separate but equal” room may not have been the best idea. It seems...

PAX East 2014: Super Comboman is side-scrolling beat ‘em up heaven

on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 | By Isaac Rouse

I was fortunate enough to swing by the Adult Swim Games booth at PAX East this year and discover a gem within the plethora of games available at the event. That gem, ladies and gentlemen, is called Super Comboman, a 2D beat ‘em-up platformer built around a fighting game engine. And yes, it plays just as well as it sounds. Super Comboman takes place in a world made of...

Pax East 2014: Why It’s Awesome to Be A Female in the Gaming Industry!

why it's awesome
on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | By Johnathan Gibbs

2D-X‘s former Managing Editor (and current Editor-in-Chief of our sister site, AskTatjana), Tatjana Vejnovic, recently participated in a pretty awesome panel. The gaming industry gets bigger and bigger every year, and women are starting to make a larger presence on both the media and development side! Ever wonder how they got into the assumed male-dominant industry?...

PAX East 2014: Evolve is like Left 4 Dead, evolved

Happy Hunting
on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | By Isaac Rouse

I came into Evolve with zero interest and the skepticism of a shrewd, know-it-all gamer. Originally, my thoughts towards a 4-vs.-1 co-op shooter created by Turtle Rock Studios  (the team who developed Left 4 Dead) were shortsighted, as the gameplay on paper sounds very reminiscent of fighting a Tank and basing an entirely new game around it. After hands-on time, I’m...

PAX East 2014: Alpha Centauri meets Civilization

Civ Beyond Earth
on Sun, Apr 13, 2014 | By Eric Guzman

Firaxis has caused a ripple through deep space (pun intended) with it’s announcement of Civilization: Beyond Earth. Older gamers might recall 1999′s Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri a Civilization inspired game which took place in the far reaches of the galaxy. But Beyond Earth is not a sequel or prequel to the great classic, co-lead designer David McDonough says...

PAX East 2014: Child of Light made me shrug

Anyone else getting the princess Bubblegum feel?
on Sat, Apr 12, 2014 | By Tim Torres

Child of Light received a good bit of attention when it was announced because Ubisoft namedropped Final Fantasy VI as an influence. Then Hayao Miyazaki got a nod. Then Yoshitaka Amano, who illustrated FFVI‘s art. After playing some of Child of Light at Ubi’s booth, I got more of a Valkyrie Profile meets Grandia vibe from the game. You control Aurora, a princess...