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Posted on Oct 30 2011 - 3:45pm by Tatjana Vejnovic
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Gadget Holsters are delicious!

Need to tote some gear, but you’re too embarrassed to wear a fanny pack or carry a man-purse? Consider hauling your goods in Think Geek’s Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster. Starting at $24.99 (deluxe version $39.99), the Gadget Holster has three pockets of various sizes, and wraps around the leg and waist. What’s nice about this holster is that you don’t need a belt to wear it, or need to worry about it falling off. However, I have found issues with the Gadget Holsters’ size, sadly enough.

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It makes a mighty fine babushka hat.

According to ThinkGeek’s website, the Gadget Holster can fit up to a 43” waist. I and two other roommates tried, and tried, and tried all we could to loosen the waist belt to its loosest potential (oh my that came out wrong), and none of us could fit it. I’m nowhere near a 43” waist, but I’m no 20” waist, either, and could not get it to fit for the life of me. So unless the three of us are idiots, and you have the safety of a 20” waist, go for it!

The device has several good uses; if you’re out on an urban exploration adventure, repairing computers, or out camping, it’s a nice little doodad to keep all your stuff on you. As for impractical uses, you can attempt to put your cat in it, wear it around your head, and test the maximum tissue capacity of each pocket. It’s a multi-purpose product, really.

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As noted before, the holster has three pockets. The pencil pocket (secured with a zipper) on top can fit most writing utensils, but cannot fit a full-size non-mechanical pencil (sorry elitists). The small cell phone pocket on the bottom is secured by velcro and a buckle, and can fit both my Blackberry Torch and my iPod touch (even at the same time; however, it is a very tight fit). The largest pocket, without getting into numbers, can fit my hand up to my wrist, and I can spread my fingers out inside without feeling resistance. To put it into more figurative measurements, if I put in a DS game sideways into the pocket, it’s a very tight fit width wise. It cannot fit your standard water bottle, but if it were maybe ¼” longer, it would.

All in all, the Gadget Holster has limited practical uses in terms of comfort and accessibility. You would honestly have to think of something specific that would require items held in that way. I would prefer something more like ThinkGeek’s shoulder holster, as I find things accessible on the upper part of my body a lot more convenient–and I feel a lot more badass, as well.

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  1. L Kiss February 8, 2012 at 9:19 PM - Reply

    Although you are entitled to your opinion as a reviewer I do not like my product represented incorrectly or unfairly as has happened with the waist belt size.  The waist belt is capable up to a 43 inch waist and you may have received a product with a manufacture error.  If you would have contacted me through my website I could have promptly exchanged your item for a proper model and I would have also informed you of EXTENDER BELTS that are available for larger waist sizes.

    I appreciate all reviews and feedback.  Blog reviews have been THE voice for my product but I also maintain a VERY high standard of customer satisfaction and service.  If there are any issues with a GRAB-IT PACK purchased ANYWHERE I am sure to take care of it.

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