Skyrim: The land of bugs and glitches

Posted on Dec 8 2011 - 8:00am by Eric Guzman

skryim Skyrim: The land of bugs and glitches

Bug and glitches continue to plague Skyrim, with Playstation 3 owners facing the worst of them. Players that have logged large amount of time into the game are experiencing game-breaking lag. It seems like the lag is associated with large save files. The current issues have lead many experts with know how on the PS3′s hardware to say that these issues might not be fixable.You see this isn’t the case of a backward flying dragon, or enemies falling through the game world, both of which are tolerable. This is the case of gamers which are also customers, that are not able to play the game at an enjoyable level due to a bug that should have been spotted and corrected.

This issues are also turning fans to point a finger at Bethesda, and accusations and rumblings from gamers all over the net have many believing that Bethesda knew about the issue, and simply ignored it. I don’t want to believe the latter to be true, as Bethesda has always been one of the “good guys” in the industry that really care about its games and the experience users have, but at this point the accusations don’t seem unbelievable.

I reviewed Skyrim a few weeks ago, but was only able to review the Xbox 360 copy. And from all the ramblings, it seems like the game breaking bugs aren’t widespread on the Xbox 360 and PC. I selected Skyrim as my game of the year, but with all the major issues that have arisen I almost wish I hadn’t given it such an excellent honor.

As of now Patch 1.2 has fixed some of the day one bugs, but have created others, like the aforementioned backwards flying dragon. And it seems like Bethesda does have plans to try and correct the problems that PS3 owners are having; its blog has been updated to discuss these problems, but is this all to late?

Let us know in the comments section if you have ran into game breaking bugs, or any other while adventuring.

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  1. CapObviouse March 8, 2012 at 10:24 AM - Reply

    2 late, they released it on the ps3 knowing that the memory bug was there. Probably hoping it got fixed but it didnt.. now they have to contenplate reworking the entire memory loading sys on the ps3.. u rlly think they will do that? .. they already obtained your hard earned 60 for the game.. so mission accomplished.. What i do to counter these kind of (scamming) practices is torrent theyr software.. play it dont pay for it.. eventually it willnot be worth ur money.. maby a year later when people cry’s so much and threatened with law suits couse they feel scammed will get this game to be looked @ seriously by the debugger team.. till then.. Torrent FTW, dont update it at all. do your reserch when they do update *(they claim updates dont break ur save while they do). Be paranoied as fuck about these developers.. couse they give us evry reason to be..
    your treuly
    Cap. Obviouse..

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