Soul Calibur hacks and slashes onto iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Posted on Oct 22 2011 - 12:22am by Eric Guzman

SoulCalibur1 Soul Calibur hacks and slashes onto iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Sharpen your blades and prepare for battle.

The iOS fighting game scene continues to expand with Namco Bandai’s announcement that Soul Calibur is headed to Apple’s mobile devices. Soul Calibur has ranked as one of the best 3D fighters since its 1998 arcade debut thanks to beautiful graphics and sophisticated mechanics.

Namco Bandai VP of marketing Carlson Choi didn’t reveal much besides announcing the game. If other recent ports of iPhone games and iPad games are any indication, we will see improved resolutions and hopefully some multiplayer action. At this point there is no release date, but Choi did say that it would be available “soon.”

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope the controls don’t butcher this masterpiece.

[Hat tip: Joystiq]

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