Final Fantasy VII: Fanboys, a remake ain’t happening

Posted on Dec 26 2010 - 2:00am by Tim Torres
final fantasy Final Fantasy VII: Fanboys, a remake aint happening

You don’t want more of this. Really.

Square Enix seems to be in dire straits. They reduced their earnings forecast for the fiscal year by 91%. They delayed Deus Ex: The Human Revolution. They fired the top dogs behind Final Fantasy XIV Online, and delayed its PS3 version. This has the Internet trolls up in arms. “It’s the beginning of the end” for Square Enix, they say! Nevermind that delaying games hopefully means a debacle like FFXIV won’t happen again. The company’s clearly in trouble, and apparently, people still think a remake of Final Fantasy VII will magically solve all of Square Enix’s problems — let alone actually happen at all. Despite all the contrary evidence, there are some that truly believe the Square Enix of today can pull off a remake to the much-beloved as Final Fantasy VII. Why?

Didn’t you all hate Final Fantasy XII? And Final Fantasy XIII? And we all know the deal with FFXIV. What makes you think the Square Enix of today would do FFVII justice if they couldn’t, in the Internet mob’s opinion, get the past decades’ worth of installments right? No, the last thing Square Enix needs to do is release more remakes — it releases enough. The company just announced yet another one for Final Fantasy IV. If we’re keeping count that’s like six or seven remakes for the same game in the past few years. If we’re really keeping count, shouldn’t Square Enix do FFV and FFVI, first? Let’s keep things in order here, people.

But back to FFVII. You guys forget a lot of the more ridiculous moments of Final Fantasy VII wouldn’t work very well in the super-realistic, HD life-like graphics of today. Let’s run ‘em off:

  • Anything that involves Cait Sith (who never made much sense)
  • Anything that involves Red XIII (he tip-toes on his hind legs past guards or something at one point)
  • Barret in a sailor suit
  • The Tifa/Scarlett slapfight atop the Junon Cannon
  • The squat contest between Cloud and the bodybuilders
  • The whole Don Corneo scenario
  • Snowboarding down a mountain moments after Aeris’ demise
  • Hiding aboard a cartoony submarine
  • Protecting a giant condor’s eggs

FFVII is a silly, silly game, even when it was serious. So, wait, Sephiroth is actually a series of ghost clones manifested by, uh, his will to lure Cloud to his resting place to hand him — wait, how does a ghost slay a Midgar Zolom, a president or a flower girl?!. It wasn’t until 2005′s animated movie Advent Children made all the characters droll super-serious Super Saiyans, and everyone suddenly forgot Cloud once donned a dress and tiara to sneak into a bordello to rescue Tifa by seducing a slumlord. In a place called Honeybee Manor.

final fantasy vii Final Fantasy VII: Fanboys, a remake aint happening

Is it as moving as you remember?

FFVII straddles old and new styles of RPG presentation. The CG cutscenes featured tall, well-modeled characters running into blue pick-up trucks and escaping on impressive-looking motorcycles. The commercials for the game showed only these parts of the game and with Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Kingdom Hearts fresh on everyone’s minds this “realistic” style is all anyone remembers. The aforementioned goofy segments wouldn’t translate well at all in the Advent Children-ized remake everyone wants. The goofy elements would have to be excised to suit that style. The game would be stripped of its personality, like Cloud.

The battles feature similar attractive, lean graphics, but the bulk of the game, and its plot, is presented in an overworld perspective not all that different from the first six Final Fantasies. In this “view” FFVII‘s super-deformed characters are a polygonal stone’s throw from the tiny little sprites of the old NES and SNES games, big eyes, squatty arms and all. Imagination had to fill in the rest until those cutscenes showed you everything “made whole” again. It wasn’t until Final Fantasy VIII (a game unfairly mauled all the time because it isn’t FFVII-2) that Square Enix made the whole visual package complete.

The FFVII we have now is a bizarre-looking hybrid, and that’s where most of its charm lies. For better and worse, it brought RPGs, and games in general, to the mainstream. If Square Enix remakes FFVII it to resemble Advent Children, where everyone looks like they just stepped out of Rent or Twilight, we’ll have another cold, dreary game about the end of the world with no significance attached. It’ll just be another cash cow in a too-long line of remakes. Square Enix pumps out remakes faster than a gold chocobo at the races, so the chance of a remake remains a faint possibility. On the other hand, we know how much fanboy and fangirl clamor, petitions, wishing and praying gets us. I still don’t see Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360, or a fresh Chrono game.

God forbid they set their sights on new Saga, Mana, or tactics-based Front Mission games — or a proper Xeno game. Or The World Ends Without You 2. Or, hell, a new IP.

Here’s another morsel for thought: How would Square Enix handle the battle system? Leaving it as it won’t fly with today’s audience used to Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Fallout. What about variable choose-your-own-adventure good-or-evil style of play? Hmm. You think Square Enix will keep all that the same for its fans? Or go for the biggest audience possible?

Finally, a remake would be a stupendously expensive venture. Why would Square Enix spend all those hours, money and resources on a game that came out over ten years ago, that recently came out again on the PlayStation Network, when it already made several lousy spin-offs, sequels, and prequels? When they could spend all that effort on something else, something better?

Square Enix has wasted enough — more than enough — attention on FFVII. For that matter, haven’t you, too?

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  1. Valkor December 26, 2010 at 3:17 AM - Reply

    You make some interesting point, but not all completely valid. First off whatever financial woes Square Enix is having won’t be resolved by a remake of FFVII, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. 2nd, all those silly things you mentioned, that’s what gave the game its charm. I mean I didn’t mind em, and I think most people who’ve played the game didn’t find those scenarios too boring – little distractions maybe? But Cloud wearing a dress served a purpose, so did Barrett wearing a sailor suit. Come on its not like he did it because he was feeling “pretty” that day, he did it to rescue his friend, and as for Barrett… dude was on a Shinra ship!!! And it’s not like you don’t do silly things in Crisis Core such as running down Materia laid on the streets, building a wagon, or joining SOLDIER fan clubs. But it doesn’t take away from the main story. You don’t have to do the squats or save the condor, or do some of the silly stuff in VII; you can bypass all that or just do it because you wanna kill some time.

    The Battle system, let’s talk about the battle system. You’re using Mass Effect, Fallout, and Dragon Age – games which are a completely different style from FFVII as comparison? Come on man you’re comparing two shooters (RPGS, but shooters nonetheless) and an MMO style RPG game towards an active battle turn-based game. Of course fans of those games might not like the gameplay, those games are instant! This is turn-based, controlling three characters, but the keyword is “active battle” or did you forget that? You know, wait too long and the enemies still attack, so it’s not like you’re standing there and nothing is going on. This was a game made for a different type of gamer. However the active battle can be improved in a new game, speeding things up, adding new cinematics,

    And that’s the whole point of why myself or anyone would want a remake – things can be improved! You can chop out the silly stuff, like maybe the Chocobo racing or the squat scenarios or all those “silly” things. You can tighten the pacing, you can improve character design, and you can change all of that! That’s what they did when they remade the first final fantasy TWICE (once for the GBA and the second for the PSP), that’s what they did when they remade FFII (again for the GBA and again for the PSP), Sega did it with Sonic, Konami did it with Rocket Knight, Capcom did it with Bionic Commando, so… why can’t Square do it with FFVII? If the demand is there (or even if its not), then why not go for it? Will it make a lot of money? Most definitely! But will it save their company? Probably not.

    All I want and all most fans want are improved graphics, tightened controls, and an awesome soundtrack. Why is it that of all the remakes that are being made today, this particular remake can’t or shouldn’t happen? I think it should and Square you absolutely make this happen.

    • Logan March 7, 2011 at 6:40 AM - Reply

      Did you just say cut out chocobo racing?…. I am going to tell you right now that “IF” they ever made a remake they better not Cut ANYTHING. Even the silly parts can be made in HD and I would love it. The may add more mini games to the golden saucer but I thinks that’s about it. They better not mess with the battle system/materia system either. Maybe add a couple more materia for more combinations idk…

      I am probably one of the biggest fans of Final Fantasy 7 you will ever meet. I have Cloud tattooed on my arm Omnislashing my name through my flesh. I have completed the game numerous times and am currently working on a Full Rank A 100 percent complete. Many people don’t understand what that encompasses but its about 40 hours a week of playing for 2 and a half years. Look it up ;) None the less everything this guy says in the original article set me AFLAME! I still hold hopes for a remake as do many people I know but I do agree that Square-Enix of today will probably massacre my expectations.

      I have played all the final fantasy games that came out and I must say they have done many EPIC fails. They should never touch the MMO market that’s for sure. About 15 hours into FFXIV I realized it was just Runescape with better graphics. I did enjoy FFXII even with Vaan’s hair ALWAYS moving and horribly textured body, but it felt like SquareEnix was back on the right path. Then FFXIII came out. FAIL. Now I heard they are doing ANOTHER ONE. FFXIII-2! FAIL. Anyway I’m just ranting.

      Final Fantasy 7 SHOULD be remade and I believe it WILL make SquareEnix a lot of money.

  2. Jeffrey L. Wilson December 26, 2010 at 3:30 AM - Reply

    @Valkor: Regarding the changes that you support for Final Fantasy 7 remake…if you implement them will it be the same game that everyone loves? If you axe the sillier moments by either removing the scenes completely or reimagining them, and alter the battle system, diehards will cry foul as it would be the equivalent of reimagining the Mona Lisa. I believe a big portion of the FF7 remake club would have great difficulty in adjusting to a radical new spin.

    • Jimmy January 5, 2011 at 6:04 PM - Reply

      @Jeffrey L. Wilson: if you are referring to die hard fanboyism and what you believe to be some sort of fact that fanboys of old school FFVII could not handle a remake with everything re-imagined in the latest graphics, you should look at what happened with Fallout 3, then compare that game to Fallout 2 (10 year difference in when they came out). Although Fallout 3 is not a remake, there was a massive adjustment to be made for all the die hard fanboys of the Fallout games (including myself), and Bethesda made a killing! I think Square Enix would also make a killing by remaking the one game that defined the series and brought this type of genre to the western mainstream. Just my two cents…

  3. Josh December 26, 2010 at 4:02 AM - Reply

    I do not agree. That is all :-)

  4. sampson December 26, 2010 at 4:54 AM - Reply

    Biggest disappointing releases from square enix

    Every secret of mana game that proceded the snes games.
    Every online final fantasy games (that combat system has no place for MMO”s)
    Anything to do with most final fantasy tactics. (boring, easy,pathetic)
    Almost every single Dragon warrior game release for playstation (only one I cared for is the ds release of Dragon warrior 4 remake though i was super pissed it wasn’t released on the ps3 system)
    The fact that most games released currently are so cartoony. I really hate the fact that the monsters look like theyre hugging u instead of trying to kill you.
    Final fantasy X voice acting, X-2 was just a bad april fools joke.

    i luv u square but come on… Get with the times, and stop abusing us.

  5. Mark December 26, 2010 at 5:05 AM - Reply

    LMAO ppl actually thought a remake of that crap would be profitable?

  6. Makidian December 26, 2010 at 8:20 AM - Reply

    This is the kind of nonsense that a person that probably doesn’t want FFVII remade, for whatever reason(s), would write about. All of Valikor’s points are valid and are accurate counter-points to the article.

    He isn’t suggesting that the battle system be drastically re-designed, all he said was tweaks to maybe speed it up. I haven’t played FFVII in a while but most of the older games have a battle speed selector andyou can turn the ATB off completely if you want to. If Crisis Core had the same sillier elements that were contained in FFVII then they wouldn’t be taking them out to appeal to an audience that is even more broad than before.

    All SE has to do is a medium upgrade to the game, re-do the character models, weapons, towns and overworld to be smooth and in HD. They don’t have to do a full on, FFXIII-type remake to sastify the want for a remake even though they seem to think it needs to be that way, or Nomura would want it that way along with the rest of the directors and/or leads. Cleaning up the dialogue would only serve to make the story a little bit more coherent, and the silly moments are what made the game unique and they aren’t going to remove them to sastify an audience that likely wouldn’t play it that much anyways (the WRPG crowd).

    SE and their problems are their own fault because they are eroding their fanbase by trying to appeal to a Western gamer and that is not the type of game that got them where they were. FFXII was garbage, and while XIII was okay it certainly didn’t knock my socks off, and the battle system and linearity are the problems with those two games respectively. If they want to raise their profit forecasts and actually start making profits again they need to get back to basics, cut it out with the rehashing of the same three games over and over again, knock it off with the side games, and start making console games to butter their bread a little better. A FFVII remake would immediately solve all of their problems but it would have a significantly positive impact on the and lighten the considerably. The longer they drag their feet in not making the games millions of gamers are asking for they will stay red. Solid info and a release date for FFvXIII will do wonders for them, as will solid info on Kingdom Hearts 3, and actually admitting they are, or are going to, work on a FFVII remake they will be back in business. Otherwise they will languish and fail because they are chasing their own tails, and when they aren’t doing that they are trying to cater to an audience that pretends to give a shit but really doesn’t, mostly the Xbox gamers that will never give them money the way PS3 gamers worldwide do.

  7. evil_chickens December 26, 2010 at 10:12 AM - Reply

    the things you suggested are exactly what me and any other person who supports the ff7 remake. where as this article is the exact opisite.

    this i just me but seeing as how SE likes to keep things secret and in dev for about 5 years before they annouce it for all we know this remake couldbe already atarted and they ont let us no till like e3 or something. but thats just me

  8. forevercloud3000- December 26, 2010 at 12:18 PM - Reply

    Um I do not agree with this opinion. Crisis Core proves that you can bring the graphics up to snuff and still maintain the still goofy charm. Just because something is hyper realistic doesn’t mean it can’t be goofy. Crisis core’s graphics was about as close to advent children level graphics as the PSP could stand and Zack was plenty comedic. And there goes your biggest point debunked.

    As for SE’s financial woes, it is sounding to spell doom on any possible FFVII remake for sure. I never believed they would make one but I still WANT one.Although if they do finally remake V and VI it would give more fuel to the belief they might.

    • johnpaulii December 28, 2010 at 12:33 PM - Reply

      Rock on. Crisis Core needs to be the direction Square is heading. Keep the great story, the great quirks, and revolutionize the gameplay

  9. Cloud December 26, 2010 at 4:37 PM - Reply

    A remake, wouldn’t necessarily has to be ffxiii looking, but an HD Version, god of war style, will do wonders and wouldn’t cost that much time. Cutscenes HD, dialogues fixed, and maybe, just maybe an alternate ending to keep people wondering… Wouldn’t be bad. I personally don’t need a ffxiii graphics ffvii, that’s why we have ff vs xiii

  10. Mark December 26, 2010 at 5:48 PM - Reply

    You guys really need to get over this sacred cow syndrome with this game.

    • Jay January 5, 2011 at 2:51 AM - Reply

      Mark you are a complete idiot. You don’t think FF7 would make a lot of money? What universe do you live in? You know how many people went and bought the old version online through PS3. Those are people who love the game and would love to see the exact same game with better graphics. Maybe it wouldn’t be a call of duty cash cow but it would be extremely high up there. There are die hards that grew up with this game and others like it that would instantly jump on board. Most of the people I know want another RPG that have the same fighting style. The new styles may be great for some people but it def. doesn’t appeal to the majority of 20 something year olds I know. So maybe you think that it is looked at like a “sacred cow” but climb out of your ignorant cave and realize that just because you aren’t into the game there maybe millions out there who still are.

    • sara February 27, 2011 at 10:38 PM - Reply

      Why does it bother you so much? Let people hope and believe for what they will. I personally don’t care either way, but my husband, and most of his family, are very eager for the out come of Square Enix’s future in the Finaly Fantasy series. So they had a few flops. Everyone has a bad day. Apparently this is your’s.

  11. mainfinger December 26, 2010 at 10:18 PM - Reply

    While FFVII blew my mind when it first came out, I just don’t feel the same way about it today. I find myself not liking the materia-system anymore for example.

    Also, the older I get, the less inclined I feel to replay new versions of games I’ve already played. Gaming time is getting less and less and I’d rather have new experiences.

    However if it was to be remade, I think the best route would be to do a it on PSP (or PSP2 if that’s real). The graphical improvement would be enough. All the diehard fans would be buy it and it would be way cheaper and faster to develop than a home console version. But I still don’t think a remake is necessary. We’re drowning in Square-Enix remakes as it is.

  12. Terry December 27, 2010 at 2:48 AM - Reply

    List of non-Final Fantasy Square games from 1998-1999

    Bushido Blade 2
    Parasite Eve
    Brave Fencer Musashi
    SaGa Frontier 2
    Legend of Mana
    Front Mission 3
    Threads of Fate
    Chrono Cross
    Parasite Eve 2

    from 2008-2009 (Square-Enix)
    Front Mission 2089
    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    Soul Eater: Monotone Princess
    Full Metal Alchemist: Prince of Dawn
    Full Metal Alchemist: Daughter of Dusk
    The Last Remnant
    Snoopy DS: Let’s Go Meet Snoopy and His Friends!
    Pingu’s Wonderful Carnival!

    How is it that since they’ve gotten bigger they have less and less original ideas?

  13. xuan December 27, 2010 at 3:43 AM - Reply

    Some background: I am a fanboy of FF Tactics, VII, VIII, IX (big fan of IX) and multiple other Square games such as Chocobo Racing, Dungeon etc.
    I have not played anything before VII or anything on the PS2. Recently however I sure didn’t get what I expected from FF XIII.

    It is looking darker and darker for Square, however I am still really hoping Versus will regain my trust and shake me up (especially since I am a fan of LoM composer Yoko Shimomura). So enough about me…

    >>Great article, I agree with a lot of your reasoning.

    The graphical presentation of the PSone and PS3/360/Wii generation is incredibly different; I would agree that because of the overall look, older Final Fantasy remade on current generation consoles would not have the same charm that you describe.

    Also, as usual most replies are brainless and have no proper empirical or logical reasoning and basis. I apologize for being rude but please keep your emotions and subjectivity to yourself.

  14. Ebony December 27, 2010 at 5:49 AM - Reply

    In my opinion, I also dont think a FF VII remake would benefit Squeenix at all. I always thought a HD version of the original final fantasy would be more intriguing… But who cares. Just bloody release FF Versus XIII and ill be happy ;|

  15. vrplumber December 27, 2010 at 8:34 AM - Reply

    A remake of Final Fantasy 7 wouldn’t have to be a FULL HD remake, in fact I would prefer if they used a cartoony cell-shaded style such as Dragon Quest 8′s graphics.

    It would keep costs down and mesh better with the sillier moments from the original game

  16. sanguinex December 27, 2010 at 11:21 AM - Reply

    I totally agree with you the problem wuth the actual square is that they focus more on the Technical part of their big games than in the history development and they forget the Details that make a great game a great game, just play FF XIII is just not the same like old times when we play for the first time xenogears, FF 7, 8, 9 and even 10, they are all from a age that will not come back

  17. digispa December 29, 2010 at 5:38 PM - Reply

    Tim, I have to give it to you. I didn’t think you were serious about writing this, lol.

    I’d personally would like to see a remake/re-imagining. I think under that guise, SE could do things that would be interesting and not the same old stuff from the original. I would rather have spin offs than just and HD remake. Did anyone here actually buy Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix? Probably not because it was the same game from the mid 90′s with pretty graphics. Prettier graphics don’t make a better game,like how make up doesn’t make you a better person.
    I do agree that the fight system would need to be rebuilt in order for this to happen. How SE would handle that though, I have no idea. Maybe a cross between VII and XIII with some grid based system ala Wild Arms 5. SE wouldn’t go with the biggest audience possilbe, but they also wouldn’t leave it as is. They’d probably try to concoct some crazy fight system that would have half of the fanboys in a rage and other half needing to change their pants.

    Of the other games that SE could focus on that you mentioned, I know at least 2 of them would have the same problem that you’re arguing about with FFVII. Mana had it’s silly moments, usually from something Sprite said/did. Plus Secret of Mana is so good and so far back in the series that most people often overlook the fact that it’s the 2nd game in a 9 game franchise. And Xenogears, remember when they tried to “remake” it and gave us Xenosaga? And everyone let out a collective WTF? I don’t think we’re getting another one of those any time soon.

    Would this make SE money? Do you know any FFVII fanboys? Because I am quite certain that SE could make a killing if this were done right. If the game were to be broken down and shipped in massive “episodes” then, in theory” they could take the 10 or however many years they need to make it and not piss EVERYONE off, just some. And hey, by the end, the game could do a repeat and be “the game the sold the PS4″ LOL

  18. Dan December 31, 2010 at 1:51 PM - Reply

    I’m sorry but Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time. I would go out of my way and spend my last dollar to buy the ps3 just so i could get the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Not only would a remake be beneficial for the company but it will show new generations what a good rpg ggame is all about. Everytime I think of playing a game, Final Fantasy VII comes to mind. So just because your not a fan doesn’t mean you need to call the game sill me and a million other people love this game.

  19. Slammin January 1, 2011 at 1:50 PM - Reply

    This is a pathetic article from what is obviously a bitter FF7 hater.

    All the points in this article are invalid, and the kind of points you’d expect from a child.

    He first starts off saying FF7 wouldn’t work because the character Cat Sith had little purpose and wouldn’t convey very well in HD…. I mean wft?! What the hell has HD visuals got anything to do with the importance of a character?!

    So already the author of this article has set the scene of being a total idiot.

    He then goes on to explain how Barret wore a sailor suit and RED XIII walked on his tip toes… Well thanks for highlighting these facts but they couldn’t be more irrelevant. What these facts have to do with anything concerning a remake is totally beyond me.

    Pointless facts aside, the author is under the delusion that bringing FF7′s graphics up to speed will deteriorate the quality of the plot, notably the silly side of it. I ask based on what proof can you back these claims up with?! There are countless games out there in 7th generation console HD graphics that offer silly plot lines etc, some much sillier than FF7, so you’re argument that improved graphics will make occassional silly plot lines in FF7 unwanted is 100% thrown out the window.

    You are quite simply attacking the story/plot of FF7, which is bizzare as it is that very plot that made the game so famous as it genuinely had meaning and brought up all kind of emotions to the player. Something that seems lost on todays gaming market.

    And if you wanted further evidence of how idiotic your article is, just look at the results for the pole you put up asking people if SE should go ahead with the remake.

    I rest my case.

    • k3 March 29, 2011 at 9:42 AM - Reply

      my thoughts EXACTLY. This article sucks this guys just a hater. no good/valid points.

      • tag April 19, 2012 at 3:45 PM - Reply

        You guy’s haven’t seen nothing yet i have some way outstanding landscape’s
        beside’s at the top among of all art institute student’s outtheir and beside’s sentihell to on you tube
        talent’s if i put one of my #1 landscape’s i would of have square enix a lot of danger and im no hater. 

  20. Anthony January 4, 2011 at 2:00 AM - Reply

    one thing is for sure when i first played this game i loved it, the story, characters, graphics i loved it all. i dont play video games any more and am now 24, but what you are all forgeting is this this game came out in 1997, i was 11 years old. i have not seen a good turn based game on any system at all in the last few years if this game was to be remade not only would people who had played the original buy it like myself and the system it was on, just to play it but the younger generation would also this game has sold almost 10 million copies. crisis core sold 350,000 on the first day.
    i honestly think that if SE were to keep the original story and not deviate from it, keep the battle system a turn base, and the materia system that the original game had it would be an amazing game with the best graphics by using the models that they have on advent children it would save them cost and time since everything is done on the computer generational system it should be easy and not take too long to do a remake. i can honestly say that every person i know that has played ff7 would infact buy any system and the game if they didn’t already have it just for this remake.

  21. Ownalicious January 8, 2011 at 11:01 PM - Reply

    WE WANT A REIMAGINING, NOT AN HD REMAKE! Just because a game looks more realistic, doesn’t mean it has to be realsitic. Lighting did some over the top action scenes in FFXIII, but she looked very realist in HD. When Christopher Nolan rebooted Batman, he didn’t take into account the wacky-ness of the previous films. What the fans want is a reboot of FF7, which means stay true to the core (charactes, plot, setting) but reinvent on anything else (gameplay, design, script).
    The Fans want to remember what FF was before XI, and a remake seems to be the only solution. The problem (and I’m agreeing with YOU!) is that SquareEnix will be doing this remake, and they’ve sucked latly. It’s a risk I’m willing to take, and I think most fans are too–cuz were desperate! “MAKE IT, AND THE FANS WILL BUY!!!!” – Ownalicious

    • mandingo February 27, 2011 at 6:47 AM - Reply

      you started of by saying WE WANT you should of said I WANT, its your opinion not everyone elses

  22. david t kelsey January 30, 2011 at 1:40 PM - Reply

    Haters lol. ff7 was the catalyst for most rpgs, how could it not be a gold mine? Just saying.

  23. cyricc February 10, 2011 at 12:52 PM - Reply

    Seriously, how is your biggest argument the fact that people don’t remember the “non realistic” parts of the game? First you can’t speak for anyone but yourself, the reason why people want a remake is obvious, better graphics, but does that mean now that somehow I forgot that for 600 hours I ran around on a chocobo while the world was “ending”. NO, it means I want to run around 600 more hours on Chocobo who’s feathers I can see rippling in the wind… is that so bad?

  24. Wicked February 13, 2011 at 5:09 AM - Reply

    What most people seem to forget is that anything you believe about a game being good or bad is an OPINION. To state that this game sucked, or that game was better, as a fact is just ignorance. Yes, there are games I disliked, and FF’s that disappointed me in different ways, but I don’t go around claiming that my personal thoughts are 100% fact.

    The only thing I agree with in this article is that Square Enix is lost. They have completely thrown away whatever fire they had that made fans happy. Alot of game developers these days have just disposed of what the fans want and desire. After all, it’s the fans that made them the money and profit they all got.

    Honestly, I’ve given up on hope that I will be satisfied in any game that I get. A name such as Final Fantasy, or Command And Conquer, or Metroid, or anything that I grew up with is no longer the greatness in my memory. That is not to say the games aren’t good in there own way, just don’t put those titles on them if they are not given the template of the original.

    “Old School” has been tarnished by greed, pushed deadlines, ignoring the fans, and developers that never knew the originals. I, for one, will no longer get upset. That is because I will no longer purchase anything by Square Enix, or any other name that has been put on a game that has no likeness to the past. The fans truly need to boycott these companies. Until that day happens, nothing will change.

  25. anonymous February 20, 2011 at 2:49 PM - Reply

    So true, at the same time, very sad. As much as I would enjoy seeing Final Fantasy VII remade for the ps3, I have a feeling it would be butchered to appeal to newer gaming audience. No one seems to have the patience for old turn based system anymore. It would probably end up as a kingdom hearts style battle system. What a shame. Squareenix hopefully leaves FFVII alone soon because not one new installation in the series to me has been any good. Crisis core was kind of good but had too many flaws imo. Obviously Squaresoft could have done the remake but to trust SquareEnix to do it is asking way too much.

  26. NoOneYouKnow February 23, 2011 at 8:39 AM - Reply

    This article is utter drivel, none of these points prove valid and the author obviously has no faith in the current gaming industry. I believe that a remake/reimangining of FF7 would be nothing short of a huge success for square, I am confident that there will eventually be a remake, it is just going to take a very very long time to come into fruition. And its also inevitable that not everyone will be pleased, so matter how good the gmae is upon release there will still be those who nerd rage due to a few changes

  27. jesus February 25, 2011 at 10:07 AM - Reply

    Wow seriously why do u hate this game so much 7 is the greatest final fantasy ever. it was ground breaking and I think tht it will be awesome to have it updated. I have a 360 but will get a ps3 if this comes out as a remake. Loads will get ps3 if they nt already cause of a remake

    • 89Vision June 16, 2011 at 8:37 PM - Reply

      Saying it’s the greatest Final Fantasy game ever amde is pushing it. FF7 has so many flaws in it it’s unbeleviable that it’s the most popular game in the series. Yes it’s a good game, but overall compared to 4, 6, 9, or 10 it’s subpar.

  28. ckslo March 4, 2011 at 8:41 AM - Reply

    I would have bought the author here a ps3 and copy of a remake if he didn’t own a ps3. But since he don’t like the game, forget it.

  29. Jamie March 6, 2011 at 8:01 PM - Reply

    I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII, and I would love to see a remake as much as the next raging SquareSoft fan, however I cannot help but agree with that majority of points the author has made.
    I have a strong suspicion that if remake were made, there would be a lot of elements that made Final Fantasy VII beautiful, removed.
    For example, the way in which you advance the story would be completely linear without the ability of free movement and exploration, because I cant imagine tiny HD characters running around in the World Map. And the same applies
    Also there would be some issues with mixing the genres of comedy and drama as the models and image quality would be greatly enhanced and less cartoonish, with the characters personality being less interweavable with the plot. For example, can you imagine a very depressed Cloud, after losing Zack to a SOLDIER gunfight, riding the Chocobo race after being put in a Prison? It really contrasts the real situation that would possibly be very jarring with a very polished game.

    Don’t get me wrong, Final Fantasy VII will remain my all-time favourite game, however the possibilities of tweaking the game to “Square Enix” standards, tweaking fundamental areas for the worst; I’m not sure if I’d rather live in a world where I can look at a 90′s best game ever made, or look a terrible attempt to recreate it and wish it was never done…

  30. robocop March 22, 2011 at 7:15 AM - Reply

    Why make the tech demo if your not going to make the game. PS3 can do it. fo sho. Remade in a way that will satisfy new and old.
    You’ll see.

  31. tag March 26, 2011 at 2:24 PM - Reply

    Yo fanboy’s it is going to happen it’s just going to be tremandous enourmous project their building entire planet their will be dirge cerburus footage coming soon that’s what why it’s taking so long just be patient.

  32. Blogged It April 15, 2011 at 11:03 AM - Reply

    I am a bit sure that this article was done by a video game player of a little bit younger generation.

    What made ff7 so great is like comparing an old 80′s song. The lyrics doesn’t sound right today but you can still feel nostalgia about it.

    that’s what makes it so great.

    I for one wishes to have a final fantasy 7 remake someday.

  33. tag April 17, 2011 at 3:12 PM - Reply

    If who’s still Excited and put update’s for Final fantasy 7 remake go to Compilation Final fantasy 7 here it is final

  34. zack April 25, 2011 at 9:30 PM - Reply

    fuk u op. ff7 remake will break all video game sales records. just you wait.

  35. tag May 2, 2011 at 3:22 PM - Reply

    G what’s up with him

  36. ptojectsherv May 2, 2011 at 10:43 PM - Reply

    Ff7 is an amazing game and I for one am praying for this remake. Money will come pouring into SE’s pockets. I’ll take a ff4 and ff6 remake for the iPad too! :)

  37. Benny May 10, 2011 at 11:02 PM - Reply

    You have it COMPLETELY wrong. I think all people (me included) want from a remake is to have the game be presented in 1080p, with enhanced character models, spell effects, battle arena models, and to make the 3d pre-rendered backgrounds NOT pre-rendered. That’s about it. We don’t need a whole new visual art style or anything, or a change of music, etc. Hell, even with the fully 3d modeled worlds, I’d still be okay with a fixed camera view (and might actually prefer it)! All that is definitely possible without ruining the game itself. Sure, it would lose SOME of the original charm, but what it would lose, it would make up for with sheer awe and amazement to see our favorite RPG characters & scenes in stunning hi-def.

  38. Josh May 16, 2011 at 2:59 AM - Reply

    Okay this for the moderator of this little forum that is going here. Let me tell you something. There will be a remake for starters.. That was in stone as soon as they hinted the remake in the back of CRISIS CORE booklet. “We hope to see FF7 again” Hint. NO.1. The second hint is the tech demo. NOW FOR THE CAUSES.. PSN has had their ASS HANDED TO THEM. Sony/PS3 may or may not completely survive it. Another CAUSE they have been remaking all of the Final Fantasies one by one.. FF3, FF4. They have also put FFXII on the DS console along with several other makes of the games. They ARE running out of ideas. I’m sorry but SONY/SQUARE will make as much money as possible out of the possibilities and.. FFVII AC. FFVII CRISIS CORE. They’re going to milk it before they let the big bang out. They are pumping people up for it. They’re getting the die hard fans back into the groove of FF7. Reminding everyone of FF7. Showing the people that do NOT KNOW about FF7 what it is and drawing new people in. They are preparing. I’ll bet you my savings account they will remake it. ESPECIALLY with the BS going on over there today. That only INCREASED THE POSSIBILITY and with what I believe to be the latest fails, FFXII, FFXI, FFXIII.. especially this one.. OHHHHHH it’s going down my friend. They will have to get together the team that made FF7 back in 1997 along with the new guys in town.. It will be different but they will not CHANGE anything in Final Fantasy 7. That would be another fail. So prepare yourself for the remake.

    • Biggdeal Deskins January 30, 2012 at 5:54 AM - Reply

      Twirls buster sword and holds it behgind back with some victory music!

  39. Sasquatch May 28, 2011 at 7:27 AM - Reply

    Sephiroth told me to tell you that your argument is invalid.

  40. Guest January 18, 2012 at 11:06 AM - Reply

    Aeris’ death isn’t “moments” before Icicle Village. There’s a good two hours, maybe a little less, between the two events. Firstly, don’t you have to scale the mountain?

    And how would the slapfight in Junon be WORSE in HD? I think it would actually be hotter.

    Anything involving Tifa in her original outfit with HD graphics would be perfectly fine by me.

  41. Snack January 20, 2012 at 11:02 AM - Reply

    The Sephiroth clones weren’t ghosts. They weren’t clones either (poor translation I think). They were the unlucky survivors of the Nibelheim massacre, experimented on by Hojo to test his ‘Reunion theory’. Also, Sephiroth was in the Northern Crater the whole time. Jenova in the guise of Sephiroth was the one being pursued (this is not apparent until much later).

    FF7 is definitely an old game. Amusingly, it’s not the unrealistic field models that have aged the most. You always needed your imagination to make them look right. It’s the realistic’ish hires prerendered character models in the FMV. Aeris’es death scene you have pictured above is actually one of the better looking ones (they used it in all the ads). But take a look at say the one where the party runs to the pickup truck during the escape from the Shinra building. It’ll make your eyes bleed. :(

  42. Biggdeal Deskins January 30, 2012 at 5:57 AM - Reply

    stumbled here while trying to figure out when the fuck my favorite game will return in its full glory!

  43. Daxe January 30, 2012 at 6:42 PM - Reply

    Oh for god sake, your saying that every final fantasy AFTER 7 was serious? jesus nearly every final fantasy after had some downright STUPID moments in, but we expect these talented souls to find a way to make it work? 

    • tag April 19, 2012 at 1:48 PM - Reply

      what im thinking here i heard they trying be profitble though some new engine called
      luminous next generation engine only way not to be profitible they should get new
      computer’s with As rock matherboard’s man they carry 5′ 6′ 7′ 9′ dimm’s worth of 64gb
      of ram and the memmory are 5x fast to get the job’s done then they could pull this of
      and next only way to figured this out they should get 3d projectore’s by figuring out what elemant’s could just match of 3d vision and it will still look just awsome amazing without
      3d glasses and with this techniqe it will gone to horizon.  

  44. Ron Custer January 31, 2012 at 2:36 AM - Reply

    Whoever wrote this should be burned at the stake

  45. MasterRed January 31, 2012 at 11:44 PM - Reply

    I think this person has it all wrong with FF7. He is entitled to his opinions, but I believe a Remake could be good, if Square Enix does it right.

    The story is fine as it is, all they need to do is make some points more clear and easier to understand. They would be able to do it if they ever do make a remake of the game, and with the capabilities of the gaming systems (they will probably only release it on the PS3, though), they have a lot of room to work and fine tone it.

    The fighting, turn based systems is perfect just the way it is. They don’t need to change a thing with that. It’s all of these damn gimmicks in their newer games that is ruining them. Take FFXIII-2. I played the Demo, and kind of liked it, but they added too much to an already fine battle system (seriously, why the Hell did they added the ‘Wounded’ feature in the game, limited your HP unless you use an Item. That’s one big thing which will prevent me from playing the game any time soon). FF7 has it perfectly done. It’s simple, you are able to use any strategy you want, and made you use your head. We need a few more games like FF7.

    The silly parts… yeah, they would be silly, but that is a part of the game and story, and… hey, who wouldn’t laugh if they saw Cloud forced to wear a dress, and have Don Conero pick him for the night?

    And what is wrong with Cait Sith? I have never found anything wrong with him. He’s supposed to be the sort of goofy team member. Seriously, what problems did anyone find with him? He was just a puppets used by Reeves to get information from Cloud and company, or perhaps he truly felt they could save their planet? The Remake could shed some more light on that and on Reeves.

    And what is wrong with Red XIII, too!? He’s a cool character (I love his home town’s theme music, BTW). He’s more original than most of the characters we see these days. He would be perfectly fine in this game, and as an animal and as a warrior, he should know how to be stealthy and quiet (hunting, I guess).

    Barret in a Sailor Suit… big bear wearing a marshmallow? Again, I don’t see what problem there would be with this. It would be another comical part of the story, every story needs a few!

    The squat contest between Cloud and the bodybuilders? They could keep it, but they probably would change that into another mini game or something. Either way, it does not matter much in the game, so I don’t see much point in complaining about that part.

    The Tifa/Scarlett slapfight atop the Junon Cannon. I just imagine both of them calling each other names each time they slap one another, like from American Dad (which is better than most of the shows on Adult Swim, but that’s a rant for another day). But being serious, they could keep that in and tweak it, or make it into an extra fight, with Tifa versus Scarlett.

    Snowboarding down a mountain moments after Aeris’ demise…. ugh, that freaking snowboard. But that wasn’t moments after Aeris’ demise, it was a little while after. Granted, they should have given the characters more time to grieve for Aeris or make another scene with the entire party in some way honoring her. With the capabilities of today’s consoles, they can easily add on to this, and make the Snowboarding part MUCH better and fix it… hopefully.

    Hiding aboard a cartoony submarine…

    Dude, really? There wasn’t anything wrong with the sub, and having the three Soldiers that were with you when Cloud and company sneaked into Junon to get in the ship in the sub was a nice touch. I wasn’t expecting them on my first play through.

    Protecting a giant condor’s eggs. Again, I don’t see anything too bad with this part. It’s different, and kind of feels like it interrupts the game, but, once again, the Remake and what the gaming consoles can do can make it much better.

    All in all, I don’t think the reasons listed above not at all good reasons to not make a remake of this game. It being silly? That’s the comedy of the story, and what they were limited to back then in the PS1 days. If it was remade today, the graphics would show us exactly what is happening, the story can be explained better and more fluid…

    I don’t have anything else to say, except if they decided to change the battle system at all, then the game could be a massive bomb.

    Again, the battle system is fine just as it is! They should not change it in the least if they make a remake.

    • tag April 18, 2012 at 7:05 PM - Reply

      Dude that’s all they need is more memory i think from asrock they have huge amount of
      memory about 64 gb now is that enough this what square enix should look for these matherboard’s they carry about 5′ 6′ 7′ 9′ dimm’s on the matherboard’s body then they
      could pull this of with their new engine with super tramoundus project’s but i rather not get the
      extreme 9 i heard lot of issue’s about their have ben lot’s x79 extreme 9 are broken i
      rather get x79 extreme 7 instead and also amd failed to also about their new prossessor
      8150 prossessor. 

  46. CT February 2, 2012 at 5:50 AM - Reply

    Square Enix has been going down-hill for the last few years lets just be honest. They lost the charm of games like FFVII which featured characters you could identify with and games that had themes like love, friendship, sacrifice, etc. Now we just have weird whiney effeminate characters with pink hair. Ok, besides all of that, FFVII remake would be a good return to the glory days of Squaresoft. Done correctly it could breathe new life into the company again.  I think if the company expanded upon the story and updated it, clarified parts of it and even got rid of of the more ludicrous elements they could have a real gem on their hands like they haven’t had in years. Cait Sith and Red would be fine with some tweaks as would most of the game. Obviously a remake would address quite a few of the issues you bring up and if done correctly, could maintain the charm and personality of the original.

    Square has go to do something, they might be bankrupt if they keep this up.

    • MasterRed February 3, 2012 at 1:27 AM - Reply

       True enough. FFXII wasn’t really that great to me (it just did not feel like a Final Fantasy game to me), while FFXIII felt… closer to the originals, but had it’s own twist. I liked it, but it still had it’s problems, like no open world to really run through.

      FFXIII-2… ugh…. at least it has one voice actor I really like in it, Laura Bailey.

      I’m worried for Square Enix… it’s stalling on the Kingdom Hearts series, which is turning out to be a great series to me, and it seems like they are trying to make an MMO game. Thing is, they are forcing that onto the FF series! My heart sank when I heard the groans of fans who saw the next FF MMO trailer at a previous E3. Which one was it again? FFXIV, right?

      I’m glad someone else agrees with me on remaking FFVII, though. The only real problem I could say is that it forces you to breed Chocobos to get to the secret parts. Oh well, that’s part of the challenge. This might actually help them get back on their feet, because of they go bankrupt… oh God, I don’t even want to think about it.

  47. tag February 2, 2012 at 4:26 PM - Reply

    I think im in this to take the long cruise risk it will be worth the wait if they do this i mean and look
    we want more on these game’s.

  48. Grg February 5, 2012 at 12:38 AM - Reply

    You know I don’t think anyone can write an article on FF7 remake being possible or not possible. Anyone reading this right now has made up his mind already. I personally think your reasons are kind of weak. FF7 was a mix between goofy and sad/serious. Yuffie was the symbol of the lighthearted comic relief. And I feel like the existence of Advent Children and the FF7 compilation would not affect things negatively. In fact the goofiness might actually strengthen the emotional impact of the ending/sequels. Because you fall in the love with the characters and then are confronted with the harsh reality of life. Cloud says something along the lines that aeris will never laugh, never cry, etc etc. And the player feels that emotional void because the goofiness and lightheartedness has turned to sorrow

    • tag April 24, 2012 at 4:30 PM - Reply

      Yup yup yup Square planet going to gone to horizon about thing’s they going to get everything at top knotch back in action soon once they get done last three project’s
      done or more project’s soon they going to become advanced and thing’s turn out
      reality of their dream’s.

  49. translucent_hole February 8, 2012 at 12:33 AM - Reply

    I love how shallow some people are in their asessments. Yeah, the crossdressing scene is going to be a little awkward, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be cut out. If anything, it’ll be a hilarious reminder of what we put up with the first time. We’re not all homophobic, transgender-phobic human beings, and a curb that’s half an inch high, called, “Crossdressing” isn’t going to cause us all to shriek in terror and seek another way around. Cait Sith can and will be done in the same manner as before. He was described well enough, to pose as viable. “An animatronic stuffed animal.” Okay, this means, it’s pretty much, A ROBOT. And…Where have we seen those before? (Let me give you a hint. In six, we had people riding those mechs. Put a Cait Sith skin over it, and guess what it is.) We’ve seen the actual CAIT part of it, in Dirge of Cerberus. So…Yeah. You need to do a bit more research before you post such a poorly-made review.

  50. Blood Child March 4, 2012 at 11:48 AM - Reply

    This article is based entirely on personal opinion, no facts are posed nor any good points made.

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