Talkin’ Shop: Let’s discuss 2D-X, podcasts, and PAX East

Posted on Mar 17 2013 - 2:32pm by Jeffrey L. Wilson

Wilsons Words Talkin Shop: Lets discuss 2D X, podcasts, and PAX EastHey, guys –

I’ve longed to do a Letter from the Editor type column for some time now. Those articles, which arose from the print scene, haven’t transitioned well into an online space focused on SEO and being the first outlet to hit the publish button. You’d think they’d still play a major role as the gaming industry isn’t one to that lacks hot-button topics. Between SimCity‘s server issues, gender relations, and random AAA developer fuckery, there’s a LOT to talk about.

But it’s already been talkied about, both here and abroad. Instead, I’m going to scale back a bit with this column. Make it more personal. In fact, it will be a more intimate take on the video game industry.

Cue the Barry White music.

Take this one, for example, which is all about housekeeping. You may have noticed the return of ads to 2D-X. For a long time, we’ve feed on the Amazon affiliate ads at the end of each post, but as the cost of hosting has gone up, I realized that lone a spot would not be enough to keep the lights on. 2D-X, you see, now operates on its own dedicated server, which has done wonders to keep us up and running during traffic surges. That costs some chedda. That’s why we brought back the Amazon Affiliate and Technorati banners.

You’ll find a grand total of five ad placements. An Amazon vertical on the homepage, Technorati to the upper right of each page/post, a beautiful rotating Staff Picks section at the bottom of each post, a single affiliate product link in each review, and one square in the related links section.

I hope that you don’t find them too intrusive.

In fact, I’m hoping that you’ll make your video game, comics, and other purchases using our affiliate links. Anything you purchase from Amazon using our link — it doesn’t have to be nerd related, either! — tosses a nickel or two in our online piggy bank. It goes a long way. 2D-X is a labor of love — the editors all have day jobs/school/projects unrelated to this here ol’ video game site. I’m hoping that you dig our take on the “vidya gaemz joornalism” enough to think of us when it’s time to go a-shoppin’.

Thanks for any and all support.

Other Randomness
We’re gearing up to record our next podcast. Internally, we’re pondering a few topics, but please feel free to toss suggestions our way. We’ll consider them!  Shoot ‘em to Tim Torres, our host extraordinaire: tim (@)

Also, tell us what you’d like to see more of here at 2D-X. Community game nights? More original video? Let us know!

Finally, the entire staff will be at PAX East covering the show, so expect lots of hands-on previews of upcoming games, tons of photos, video segments, developer interviews, and more. If any of you fine folk are attending, give us a holla. Let’s meet up. Follow or Twitter and Instagram feeds, too, for all types of goodness.

And that’s that. For now, anyway. Expect these Talkin’ Shop columns to appear roughly monthly, depending on the industry happenings and/or mood.

I’m looking forward to the discussions.

– Jeffrey L. Wilson


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  1. Mike Chez March 18, 2013 at 8:07 PM - Reply

    I don’t mind the ads. Gotta eat, right?

    Here’s a podcast topic: series that need a spin off thats’s a different genre than the original games (like Revengeance). Keep up the good work!

    • Jeffrey L. Wilson March 20, 2013 at 11:03 AM - Reply

      That’s not a bad idea, Mike. Keep ‘em coming, folks!

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