The PS Vita Diaries: Entry III – It’s your birthday!

Posted on Feb 24 2013 - 4:45pm by Tatjana Vejnovic

 The PS Vita Diaries: Entry III   Its your birthday!

Dear PlayStation Vita,

My sweet, sweet Vita…you recently turned one-year old. Your older siblings — the Japanese version and U.S. First Edition Bundle –have recently hit this milestone, too (and for whatever reason, your younger Canadian 3G version didn’t arrive up north until October 2, 2012).

It has been an incredibly rough year for you, Vita. You’ve sold a little over 2 million units, while your popular neighbor across the street, 3DS, sold almost 20 million units since its release. But that’s okay! You’ve got things it doesn’t. Like a half a gig o’ RAM, 5-inch OLED screen, and 3G capabilities! Don’t let anyone put you down! You’re one of a kind, kid.

But let’s be honest — you have to get your shit together. I will admit that you have a solid number of games under your belt, but you lack killer exclusive titles. The PS Vita store is filled with titles that I have on my PSP, or downloaded onto my PS3 (I totally bought Luxor 3 again for nostalgic measure). I need to see a lot more first-party support from you. With very vague details on PlayStation 4 support, I’m a bit concerned.

Oh, sweetie, don’t look at me like that. I’m not concerned for the long run. What I’m concerned for is the now. Will we have to wait until the PlayStation 4’s release to see additional support? Or will we see things in coming days?

I know you’re only a year old, but you’re not going to be around forever, Vita. The cycle says, what, five years? 20% of your life is already gone! But it’s not too late. You can change this year, and take us by surprise by showing up at E3 with a list of first party titles and new IPs!  I know that’s a lot to ask for, but I know you’re capable of it. Give me an all new experience, something that’s different.

I’ve been with you on this ride the whole time. Since day one, my dear Vita, defending you, standing up for you. I don’t know how much longer I can justify taking your side on things. I really need to see you improving in the next six months or I’m going to have to rethink our future together. I don’t want to do that, Vita. You were $349.99! Make yourself worth the money I paid for you! Show me what you’re capable of!

Well, Vita, I hope you enjoy your first birthday, and I hope you really took the things I said into consideration. We’ll all be here for you…when you’re ready.



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