X-List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

Posted on May 1 2013 - 2:53pm by Jeffrey L. Wilson

X List X List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

Predator, an undeniable ’80s action classic, has endured as a fan favorite due to its heaping doses of machismo, incredibly memorable one-liners, its quotes, and a stealthy, murderous alien who collects skulls from fallen warriors. The flick’s video game adaptations have been awful, but it receives some interactive redemption in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Ubisoft’s standalone side-story takes place in the far off future of 2007 as seen through a decidedly ’80s lens. As a result, many of Blood Dragon‘s beats crib elements from the muscles-and-guns catalog — Predator, in particular. In fact, Predator receives a lot of love, especially in Blood Dragon‘s early moments.

If you’re ready to have you some fun, check out our five favorite Predator references in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Gonna have me some fun X List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

“Gonna have me some fun!”
Blood Dragon‘s intro features Colt and his partner, Spider, coptering their way to the battlefield. Before the drop off, Colt grabs a gun turret and lets loose “Gonna have me some fun!” before raining a bullet storm onto unsuspecting Omega Force troops. The line references a scene in Predator‘s second act in which Bill Duke’s Mac plans to avenge Blain’s death by arming himself to the death and seizing (what he thinks) is a prime position to take down the semi-invisible alien. The phrase “Gonna have me some fun” is actually a slightly altered version of a lyric in a Little Richard song that’s featured earlier in the movie….

Predator Long Tall Sally.jpg X List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

“Long Tall Sally”
Predator‘s first act features Arnold and company in a helicopter bro-bonding and gearing up for the war that’s to come as Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally” blares from a boombox. The scene plays out slightly different in Blood Dragon. “Long Tall Sally” kicks in as you mow down Omega Force soldiers with the gun turret Rex grabbed as he exclaimed “I’m gonna have me some fun!” Who knew that a ’50s rock-n-roll tune happened to be the perfect slaughtering soundtrack?

Chud Predator Arms X List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

The Epic Flex
One of the most iconic (and hilarious) scenes in Predator occurs when Arnold’s Dutch re-acquaints himself with his frenemy, Carl Weathers’ Dillon. The two go in for the  bro-shake to end all bro-shakes, but the situation quickly turns into a test of strength which Dillon loses (a bit of foreshadowing of what was to come). Colt and his best bro Spider don’t engage in the table-less arm wrestling match in Blood Dragon, but they do clasp hands in the manliest way possible before Spider leaps out of the copter to infiltrate the first garrison.

Predator Vision X List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

Super Vision
The Predator’s infrared vision allows it to track organism’s body heat, be it something as small as a scorpion, or an adult human. Blood Dragon‘s Colt has a similar ability; tapping up on the D-pad causes the cyber-commando to use his Cyber-Eye vision to scope out the area. This super-vision lets Colt identify the type of enemies in his vicinity and track them — even behind objects. When Cyber-Eye is activated, the screen turns red — not unlike the Predator’s heat-detecting vision.

Ugly Mofo X List: 5 ways that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to Predator

“…one ugly motherfucker…”
In yet another iconic scene, Arnold shares his thoughts on the Predator’s physical appearance in a decidedly R-rated manner. In Blood Dragon, Colt references the line after Dr. Darling rattles off a list of the main villain’s attributes. Apparently, in Colt’s eyes, being an “ugly motherfucker” is equally offensive as being insane and power mad.

Did you find any more Predator references? If so, shout them out in the comment section below.

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    It reminds me more of Rambo though especially when he’s holding his bow and arrow. But yeah, it also reminds me of Predator and also RoboCap and the Terminator -it’s like all of 80′s movies rolled into one epic video game.

    I suggest playing it in hard mode and if you’ll need a walkthrough, here’s a cool one: http://www.cheatmasters.com/blog/2013/05/02/far-cry-3-blood-dragon-guide/

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