X-List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Posted on May 1 2013 - 9:00am by Ryan Herrera

X List X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Injustice: Gods Among Us launched recently (check out our review here) to a hungry crowd of gamers who gobbled up the DC Comics fighter like Iron Man to whiskey. NetherRealm Studio announced that the game would feature 24 hard-hitters as well as some post-launch DLC characters, the number of them rumored to be between 8 and 10.

There are dozens of these Injustice DLC lists on the various lands of the interwebs, so I’m not going to list the most obvious (and probable) characters that will more than likely receive the DLC treatment, including Lobo (who happens to be already announced), Martian Manhunter, Swamp Thing, Firestorm, Huntress, Starfire (GO TITANS), Jason Todd, Zatanna or Jonah Hex (who has the potential to be AMAZING in it). But until then…

I’m going digging deep into my comic-brain-compendium for these characters.  Here’s who I think would totally rock in Injustice:

secret 3 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Greta Hayes aka Secret
First Appearance: Young Justice #1 (June, 1998)
Greta Hayes was a normal girl until she was murdered by her adoptive brother Billy (aka supervillain HARM) and turned into not-quite-dead-but-not-at-all-alive superhero Secret. She, in her newly gaseous form, was to be studied by the Department of Extranormal Operations until rescued by the newly-formed team of Superboy, Impulse, and Robin. She joined the boys and thus Young Justice was started.

What I really like about Secret, and why I think she should be in the game, is that she’s genuinely a nice person — a wonderful stark contrast to the angry, bitter and gritty versions of the Injustice heroes, She’s also physically different from everyone on the roster; she’s not a hulking mass of muscle, but a 4’9″ teenager who can kick the clone out of Superboy.

Secret is a good person who totally wants to help others and puts their needs before her own. But when you make her angry? Hoo-boy. Watch out. When Secret snaps, she’s a force to be reckoned with.  As seen in Young Justice #54, her frustrations with her team burst to the surface and causes her to go (slightly) mad and (very) violent.

Secret1 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Secret also has a brief stint being Darkseid’s student. It’s where she got this bitchin’ costume. Would also be an awesome alternate for her.

She’s also fiercely loyal, intelligent and did I mention she’s made of freakin’ smoke?  Yeah. She’s made of smoke.  Sound familiar, NetherRealm? Being a ghost made of smoke grants her various abilities, including flight, teleportation, the power to change forms and intangibility, which allows her to become impossible to physically touch. She’d be a nimble character, that’s light on defense but great with dashing and being able to escape. Secret’s moveset would feature Scorpion-like teleport attacks, as well as dashes that end in strong physical strikes. Her special ability could grant her temporary invincibility, but take away the ability to do damage.

I imagine her finisher would be her turning to smoke, invading the body of her opponent, having them strike themselves several times and finally being crushed beneath a massive, smokey fist. Or even a cameo by her murderous step brother HARM, who’d come in and try to kill Secret herself, but attacks the opponent instead.

MM BM X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Mr. Mxyplyzyk / Bat Mite
First Appearance: Superman #30 (September 1944) and Detective Comics #267 (May 1955)

Now I know we’re completely going against the tone of the game, but the combination of Mxy and Mitey can totally be an exciting, deadly, and different duo that could rock Injustice. Both are imps from the Fifth Dimension and use not a magic, but a form of super science that our puny three-dimensional understanding couldn’t begin to understand. Both have a library of ridiculous abilities that could turn a fighting game on its side. Both feature magical-like abilities including levitation, temporary possession, flight, teleportation, the ability to create objects out of nothing, and changing the law of physics.  The imps can bend time, create literally anything out of anything, create black holes, and zap you from existence with a single thought.

They sound like the most OP fighters this side of Iceman. But here’s the thing: Mister Mxyplyzyk and Bat Mite aren’t specifically fighters: they’re both tricksters and trolls that bother Superman and Batman purely for the lulz. I imagine they’d tag together, less like Noob-Smoke and more like a deranged Pokemon Trainer from SSB: Brawl. Maybe Mxy would focus on cartoon projectile attacks like giant cartoon revolvers, purple missiles, and general space control, while Bat Mite could focus on melee attacks with giant cartoon mallets, and novelty boxing gloves. They’d have low health, and the need to switch between the two would be necessary, again like Pokemon Trainer. The other would get super-annoyed they haven’t gotten tagged in yet, and would begin to drain their mutual health bar.

Their special, would transport the opponent to the Fifth Dimension or even zap the opponent into a black hole to be sucked away in a Looney Tunes-esque manner.

0 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC
And Gilbert Gottfried NEEDS to reprise his role as Mxy. Like. Seriously.

ALLOY1 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

The Combined Powers of the Metal Men aka Alloy
First appearance: Showcase #37 (March 1962), Kingdom Come #1 (March 1996)

The Metal Men are sentient robotic organisms which embodied specific elements created by Dr. William Magnus. The team consists of Gold, Platinum, Mercury, Iron, Tin and Lead. Together they protected the world from science-experiments gone wrong and general badness.  The comic series received several iterations since it’s conception in the ’60s, including a reboot in the ’90s, and more recently a new Doom Patrol. And it’s in this recent iteration where all the Metal Men forge together to create one bulking, massive hero. And as Alloy, they’d fulfill a role barely touched upon in Injustice: the bulky, strong, grapple-focused hero.

Alloy would be a heavy, high-defense striker character who has strong grapples that can grab and possibly strike with his stretching abilities. Think like a combination of T. Hawk with Dhalsim’s stretch attacks. His specials would have his arms changing shape to cause even higher damage, and I imagine his Trait would be Chemical Fortitude, which would cause grant Alloy immunity to flinching, like Colossus’ Super Armor special Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Alloy’s finisher would disassemble the gestalt into to all six members of the Metal Men who take their turn beating the iron out of the opponent’s body — only to finish with turning back into Alloy and smashing them underneath a massive foot.

V1 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

The Man from Room 5, aka V
First Appearance: V for Vendetta (March 1982)
Before you cry foul, Vertigo – the publisher of V for Vendetta -  is an imprint of DC Comics, which means it’s the equivalent of HAL Laboratories (the developers of Smash Bros) and Nintendo. While not in the main DC canon, I’m allowing it purely because V (and maybe others on this list… hint hint) are awesome and totally deserve spots. Moving on.

V is a freedom fighter – some would say anarchist – combating the fascist government, the Norsefire Party, run by supreme chancellor Adam Susan. V was originally a prisoner of “resettlement” (coughCONCENTRATIONcough) camp of Larkhill, where he was experimented on, injected with artificial hormones that gave him Olympic-level strength and reflexes,but also expanded his mental capacity. V is a master of explosives, chemical production, martial arts and philosophy. When he resided in Larkhill, he was able to MacGuyver a few gardening chemicals together to create mustard gas and explosives, which lead to his escape of the prison.

V’s daggers, explosives, and tear gas — along with his enhances reflexes and strength — would be a perfect addition to Injustice. He’d be great for quick, dagger-ific combos, explosive traps, and spitting out taunts in iambic pentameter. Think a combination of Meta Knight and Snake from SSB Brawl. And his finisher would be strapping a vest of explosives to his opponent and sending them careening into the Houses of Parliament, a la the end of the V for Vendetta film.

0 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC
Yeah, it makes just as much sense that the Houses of Parliament would be near Gotham like the Batmobile would be in Atlantis during Batman’s finisher.

Ozt1 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

First Appearance: Watchmen #1 (September 1986)
Watchmen is one of my favorite books of all time. I even loved the movie, and was there day-zero at the CineramaDome in Hollywood with Malin Ackerman’s three-storied spandex’d super heroine self staring down at me. It was magical. And yes, I thought the ending made for sense for a film. Come at me, internet.

Anyway, there are loads of characters in Watchmen that would be great in Injustice. Rorshauch immediately jumps to mind, and he would be awesome. But, like many of the characters, I’m unsure if he has enough interesting abilities that would make him a fun fighter. He’s specifically trained as a boxer and uses a few gadgets, but he’s mostly famous for his detective work. The Comedian is my favorite character in the book, but would be a bit too similar to Deathstroke: a load of guns and a few strong melee strikes. And Dr. Manhattan… just no. Someone who’s able to make you explode with a finger twitch would be a bit too strong, like a less fun version of Mxy and Bat Mite.

So I decided to bring my favorite fictional bout to life: Ozymandias vs. Batman. Ozy is labeled as “the smartest man in the world” and is the pinnacle of the human physical abilities. Adrian is able to calculate reaction times and is able to predict an opponent’s moves. He can anticipate bullet timing and even catch them, which is a feat that Batman has yet to do. Adrian is also a master martial artist and a master strategist and would be the only fighter who exclusively fights with his fists with counters, dodges and grapples from major martial arts. Imagine an elegant Fei-Long without the fireballs.

And his finisher would totally be ridiculous and summon the giant alien squid from the end (spoiler alert) to smash his opponent. Or call his giant mutant cat friend Bubastis to maul the opponent while Ozy sits back, enjoys a drink, and ponders what he’s going to have for brunch.

Cur X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Curaré of the Society of Assassins
First Appearance: Batman Beyond (“A Touch of Curaré” May 1999)

Batman Beyond was awesome. It was dark, mature, and took more chances than most of the cartoons back in the ’90s. It dealt with gang violence, drug addiction, sex, loneliness, class wars, corporate greed, and teenage angst all while having a futuristic Batman punching criminals in the face. It also featured some of the most interesting original villains to be introduced exclusively in ‘toon form, including the silky smooth Inque, radioactive Blight, and hypnotic  Spellbinder. All of these characters would be awesome in Injustice, but I’m going with my personal favorite villain introduced in Batman Beyond.

Curaré is a badass assassin that would make Deathstroke stop and be like “…damn, girl. Check you out.” She’s cunning, clever, and ruthless. In the episode, A Touch of Curaré, she’s able to cut through an entire armed guard, takes a monorail off the tracks and uses her laser-sharpened sword to cut through a steel door ten inches deep. She’s basically a ninja and a samurai combined into one blue badass who Bruce Wayne describes as the “best assassin in the Society of Assassins.”  And when the Society turns on her, she decimates the entire crew and becomes the best assassin in the world.

Curaré also shows that she’s experienced in martial arts and able to use throwing knives with deadly accuracy. Her moveset would be strait forward sword strikes with quick dashes allowing her to get in, strike, and get out. She’s also very nimble and would be deadly in the air between her massive sword swings and dagger throws. She’d be a great juggler and combo striker. Imagine a faster, female and blue Hayato from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 combined with Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear.

Her finisher would be something to the extent of crashing a train into the opponent that explodes upon impact.

0 X List: 6 DC Comics characters that would make incredible Injustice DLC

Honorable Mentions: Queen of Fables, Freakazoid, Inque,

So there you have it. Six more characters that would rock in Injustice. I don’t see anything better than Secret beating the piss out of Doomsday, Ozymandias dominating Batman (WHICH HE WOULD), or Curaré going sword-to-sword with Deathstroke.

Who would you want to play as in Injustice? Should the DLC be exclusive to the main DC canon? Would Ozymandias really best the Batman? Leave your comments below!

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  1. RGDubz May 1, 2013 at 5:04 PM - Reply

    This is by far the worst list I have seen & I’ve seen some horrible lists, thank god you’re not picking the DLC characters because if you were it would be a total waste of money for Season Pass owners.

    • Eric Guzman May 1, 2013 at 10:12 PM - Reply

      I personally would have kept it in the Justice League universe. However I’m quite intrigued by this list, Ozy vs Batman = match made in heaven.

      I personally want

      Martian Man Hunter
      Booster Gold


      I’d be happy with anyone of these. Lobo seems cool right now.

      • Ryan Alexander Herrera May 2, 2013 at 4:11 AM - Reply

        Booster Gold was originally gonna be on this list, but I’ve seen him on a load of others and decided to be different. Starfire was there too! GO TITANNSS

        • Eric Guzman May 2, 2013 at 9:01 AM - Reply

          Greta would fit the games theme well. Also I thought about Raz and talia, but like Tim pointed out, there are enough Batman characters.

  2. Bob dole May 1, 2013 at 5:30 PM - Reply

    This really is the worst list ever. Pick characters that are KNOWN and popular not characters no one knows and no one wants to play with.

    • Tim May 1, 2013 at 6:53 PM - Reply

      There aren’t enough KNOWN and popular characters in the game already? Half the roster hails from the Batman canon anyway. It’s time to expand… expand to the likes of Freakazoid!

    • Ryan Alexander Herrera May 2, 2013 at 4:09 AM - Reply

      Sorry you dislike the list! I really went with characters who would be interesting gameplay-wise that would bring something different to that table than we’ve previously seen.

  3. Aquaman2013 May 1, 2013 at 11:02 PM - Reply

    5 characters I would like to see are:
    Dr. Fate
    Black Manta
    Star Sapphire

    • Eric Guzman May 2, 2013 at 1:02 AM - Reply

      Firestorm and Black Manta would be great..Thinking of their move possibilities makes me giddy.

    • Asbah marvel May 2, 2013 at 2:06 AM - Reply

      dr fate would sick as fuck

  4. hopschrouber May 3, 2013 at 1:27 AM - Reply

    The only one I agree with up there is Mr. Mxyplyzyk. While conceptually I like the idea of being able to play as V or Ozzy those aren’t realistically possible considering DC’s relationship with Allen Moore. Also, I would venture to say in the world of watchmen Rorschach or potentially even Dr. Manhattan would be much more interesting characters to play as. What I would really like to see would be some serious heavy hitters. Lobo is a great start but I’m disappointed with batgirl’s announcement, especially considering the strong suggestion that martian manhunter will be a character, too. Not that I don’t like Martian Manhunter, I just don’t like that there is only one mystery left and I’m not fond of the batgirl idea. But like I said, I’d really like to see some serious heavy hitters. Darkseid is already there in a transition but he would make an awesome playable character. Additionally I would really love to be able to play as Imperiex or one of the incarnates of Gog.

  5. RedPyramids May 3, 2013 at 10:28 AM - Reply

    Injustice’s base roster is pretty comprehensive, it features nearly every character relevant to mainstream DC Comics exposure in the last decade (save for maybe I dunno, Darkseid or Brainiac?) and two relatively obscure characters in Ares and Killer Frost.

    I’d like additional characters to really bring new stuff to the table, Animal Man, Beast Boy, MM, Swamp Thing: all good choices for characters that have a unique animation style to them with constant morphing during moves. Zatanna or Dr. Fate would have fun magical based attacks, Would have liked a Flash villain in the roster (GRODD).

    Lobo looks fun. And though I’m a fan of BABS I can’t say I’m excited to see the rest of the DLC roster of Batgirl, Zod and Scorpion.

  6. SuperE May 3, 2013 at 10:05 PM - Reply

    I would really, really, REALLY like to see Beast Boy, Amazo, Orion, and Granny Goodness…. Imagine beast boy with like 4 different animals he can change into, Ape/Pterodactyl/Elephant or Rhino/Cheetah….

  7. Miles Hagen June 26, 2013 at 11:39 PM - Reply

    love Ozymandias as a pick, WOULD TOTALLY PLAY AS HIM!!!

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