X-List: Coolest Suits In Gaming (10-6)

Posted on Mar 15 2012 - 8:53am by Thomas Rivas

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Do the clothes make the video game hero? Well, we sure think so and that’s why we’ve put together a collection of our favorite suits in the industry. Of course everyone has their own opinion and our list may not match yours but that’s what the comment box is for. So let’s get to it!

hitman front 189x300 X List: Coolest Suits In Gaming (10 6)

#10: Agent 47 (Hitman series)

Proving you don’t always need heavy armor to get the job done, Agent 47 takes down some of the deadliest thugs and mob bosses while being conveniently dressed for their funerals. In the Hitman world, costume changes are a must for blending in with the enemy but we know that when all is said and killed, nothing beats a black suit and red tie for this stealthy assassin. Don’t like what the bald guy holding two guns and sporting a bar code tattoo on the back of his head is wearing? YOU tell him.

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#9: Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright series)

Law & Order + Japanese anime + Purple Rain = Miles Edgeworth. We’ve all seen it before: Boy witnesses the murder of his parent(s) and subsequently their killer walking away from any jail time or repercussions. But when faced with tragedy, Miles chose not to don a dark cape and cowl. Instead he hit the books and worked towards becoming the greatest courtroom prosecutor – vowing that no criminal would ever walk free again. Judging by the wardrobe though, I’m guessing Prince was pretty popular in law school.

Sora Halloween 207x300 X List: Coolest Suits In Gaming (10 6)

#8: Sora (Kingdom Hearts II)

When it comes to costume changes I’m pretty sure Sora wins the medal for the most in a single game. Whether he’s wearing the Gothic garb of Halloween Town or swimming through Atlantica as a merman, the keyblade wielder’s wardrobe adds the finishing touches to an already incredibly entertaining experience. And for those who doubt the power of the KH attire: Do you really think Mickey Mouse would utter the words, “They’ll pay for this” if he was wearing flannel?

alucard002xv5 233x300 X List: Coolest Suits In Gaming (10 6)

#7: Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

The son of Dracula may have sided with the Belmont clan against his father but there’s no denying where his sense of style came from. With a wardrobe that commands respect from both gentlemen and pimps alike, Alucard adds a touch of class to the list without sacrificing the element of badass.

Honorable Mention: Count Von Count (Sesame Street: Countdown)

MegamanS7 223x300 X List: Coolest Suits In Gaming (10 6)

#6: Mega Man (Mega Man 6)

When I was younger I thought it would be cool if I could jump on my dog’s back and fly from place to place just like Mega Man did on Rush. Fortunately for my late pal Billy, the urge quickly faded after I got my hands on Mega Man 6 – a game that minimized the intrigue of dog-surfing by introducing a new jet form. Even though air-time lasted just a few seconds, you could take flight as often as you wanted without having to worry about replenishing energy with power cells. To this day, the jet form is one of my favorite Mega Man power-ups in the whole franchise.

Did any of your favorites make the list? If not, check back with us for the remaining top five coolest suits and feel free to share your ideas on who you think should round off the list.

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